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CGI Popeye in 2014


Hot on the heels of the success of Hotel Transylvania comes word that Sony animation will maintain momentum by not only releasing a sequel to that film but by also bringing Popeye out to the big screen in a CGI film of his own with H.T. director _:


Tartakovsky will continue favoring classic cartoon Impressionism over photo-realism with his next project, a CGI-animated movie starring everyone’s favorite spinach-popping sailor, Popeye. Meanwhile, Sony is jump-starting development on Hotel Transylvania 2, which will come a year after Tartakovsky’s Popeye is scheduled to arrive on the scene.


Not sure how to feel about this one. In all honesty I should have outgrown this character by now and really not care as I’m clearly not the target audience but blame Robin Williams for helping me think I’ll love this character no matter how old I am. I’m indifferent about this news as it could be good but I don’t expect it to be ‘great’. Hopefully this doesn’t go the way of “Astro Boy”… Popeye has a release date of  September 26, 2014.


Via: Screen Rant and Sony Animations Press



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