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A more intense trailer for ‘Man of Steel’ will appear before ‘The Hobbit’


Even though everyone most likely has plans to see “The Hobbit” in theaters, there are now multiple reasons to see it on the big screen. With a trailer or teaser already being confirmed for the next “Star Trek” film, it looks like Zack Snyder has also now confirmed that a new trailer for “Man of Steel” will appear before “The Hobbit.”


…Zack Snyder has confirmed what we all expected: the second trailer for his Superman reboot, Man of Steel will be attached too.

Via: Slash Film


With so many appetizers before the main course, I hope I’ll still have an appetite. I’m very much looking forward to “The Hobbit,” but now I’ve got new “Star Trek” and “Man of Steel” footage to look forward to as well. The film already looks amazing from what we’ve seen and with the added bonuses at the beginning, I think it’s going to keep people talking about the film in retrospect as the other blockbusters get closer and closer to release. I can’t wait!!

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