TV Spot: Alex Cross

Tyler Perry is returning to the silver screen in a very different role than we’d seen from the man in the past. Typically Perry involves himself with projects that he’s written and also directing with Alex Cross being the first exception from the actor. He’s picking up the role last portrayed by Morgan Freeman and working opposite “Lost” star Matthew Fox. The new TV spot made it’s debut over on Yahoo movies and gives us a fresh look at the film prior to its upcoming release.

The trailer tells me 2 things:
1) Mathew Fox seems incredibly insane and makes me really buy into his performance.
2) Tyler Perry seems exactly the same as he does in every film except he’s holding a gun while sounding somber. I have trouble telling Alex Cross apart from Wesley Deeds.
I’m still interested to see what kind of exciting performance that Matthew Fox seems to have delivered for this film but Tyler Perry has a strong following and still can surprise many at the box office. Despite the fact that he’s clearly a weak link in this film it’s still entirely possible that his die-hard fans turn out to support this.

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