New image of The Wolverine with… bone claws??

I caught up on my history of Wolverine last summer when finally reading through the Wolverine: Origins series and some of his more recent comics. His real name is James and before he had the metal claws he had organic claws just made of bone. Heck, we even saw those claws in the Gavin Hood director X-Men: Origins film and saw ol Jimmy get his metal and how much of a difference it made for him in battle. Check out this new photo from The Wolverine that was released by Entertainment Weekly:


Now that’s just a mind-fuck. I know I saw this guy with metal claws in the first official photo that was released and just about all other promotion for this film and pretty much though that, chronologically, this next film would take place after X-Men: Origins and before X-Men 1, but now I’m having a hard time figuring this out. Will he have metal claws or bone? Will this be before or after his falling out with Victor? Will they PLEASE bring back the insanely awesome Liev Schriber as Victor? He was the best thing in that abysmal first film. I’m so confused…

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11 thoughts on “New image of The Wolverine with… bone claws??

  1. I don’t get why people are confused with this.  Unless you already saw the movie.  Flashbacks are always a possibility.  Hallucination and dream sequence are also feasible.  I can’t believe people here will actually be confused by this news.

  2. Probably just the intro scene for the movie or even a flashback scene. If they are trying to make a stand alone film as much as possible, a little exposition of how he went from bone to admantium might be in the cards.

  3. Wasn’t it also said that this film was intended to be a standalone story?  Perhaps they will ignore the other films completely…  Or it could be a flashback.

    1. @KevinC1 I’m pretty sure you’re correct in that it’s intended to be a standalone. I thought the motivation/rationalization was to just distance the film from the X-Men: Origins film due to negative reception of some of the character treatment, and I don’t know how much or how far they can go with that especially when releasing images like this to screw with us.

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