What if Terry Crews was the Avengers’ Luke Cage

It’s such an obvious choice that I kick myself for not thinking this one up myself. Forget the Old Spice guy, what if Terry Crews portrayed the Avengers’ Power Man in a feature film? The obvious apprehension is with his age but the guy seriously has the look, attitude, and charisma to play the Avengers best street level invulnerable superhero. Someone on Deviant Art did have the idea and you know what, this guy named Alex Heaton took it a step further and created some fake posters just to fuck with us.


I could give some well written thought provoking analysis into the idea of Terry Crews actually being considered for this role but it’s not likely to happen. Terry is a great fun guy and would make an impressive Luke Cage for a film or two but I don’t see Hollywood execs wanting to make that kind of investment in him at 44. He’s no RDJ. I could be wrong and maybe it’ll happen?

For further shits and giggles Alex even mocked up a Ms. Marvel Poster featuring Yvonne Strahovski.

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