Amazing unused Akira storyboard art

You know a part of me forgot that we almost had a live action adaptation of Akira. The movie had seen many starts and stops with directors coming and going like an amusement park ride. This was the movie that should have been but never would have been great. Expectations for some properties are just too high depending on the fan base, and Akira being one of the primary properties that championed the “Japanimation” crazy of the 90’s and early 00’s has astronomically high expectations. ¬†Too high for filmmakers as the film has been perpetually scrapped and now the obligatory storyboards are surfacing showing just how faithful this film WOULD have been…



I will concede. These storyboards are fucking amazing and give off the impression that this movie could have been a lot more faithful and impressive than many of us assumed. Make sure you click each image as there are about 4 shots nestled in each one. I have no idea what the budget would have been on something like this but with what I’m seeing and with how even great directors like Albert Hughes walked away from this project I’m assuming that the studios didn’t agree that the ends would justify the means. Damn pretty to look at tho.


Via: io9



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