Here’s the concept art for the star spangled Iron Man armor

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the upcoming Marvel film: IRON MAN 3


I was at one time really excited about the prospect of a specific star spangled Dark Avenger appearing in this film and found out that I was somewhat misdirected about my presumption. It’s pretty well known, now, that Norman Osborn won’t have an appearance in the Iron Man 3 film of any sort and instead this armor is a representation of Don Cheadle’s War Machine armor after it’s gotten a makeover by the U.S. Government. Some internet sleuths have uncovered a piece of concept art that helped make that armor a reality within the film.



You know I’ve been reading that the red and gold armor has been getting a lot of negative feedback from the webs and I’ll call of you on this right now and say that the Iron Man armor looks badass in concept. The actual armor that was shown off at the San Diego Comic Con this year may not have seemed like much while just propped up in the middle of a convention hall. The armor itself looks like it was lisfted from a Marvel comic and brought to life and doesn’t look all that different from the armor he’s currently sporting in the books (which is due to change any second now).


I’m willing to bet that when we see this thing on the screen that all those apprehensions will wash away and we’ll realize the real criminally dressed character is Iron Patriot War Machine. The only reason this hideous design is being accepted at all is because there’s some story to rationalize the look but that doesn’t excuse it for being fugly. Maybe Disney and Marvel will be kind enough to share some footage of the new tech in action?


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