More live-action Akira storyboards by Chris Weston


The live-action Akira project has been dead since January 6, 2012. But it doesn’t mean that production didn’t go underway and it’s always curious to see samples from films that don’t quite get going regardless of casting, etc or just how far it is they get. More of Chris Weston’s storyboard art has popped online. The storyboards themselves look like they carry an appropriate tone, but really it’s still very hard to tell how Akira would’ve looked on-screen. It always seemed like pre-production was always a mess, and I truthfully didn’t mind the idea of the Hughes brothers directing. If Akira was going to be done, I felt it had a sense of promise with the Hughes brothers. Akira needed more than just a visual style and appearance, but a weight in the atmosphere of urban characterization – and I thought simply, there could be a chance of that with the Hughes brothers. But alas, they were dropped from the project too. With as many ups and downs this project has had, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it pop up again in the future. But I suspect to see James Cameron lay down the ground work of how it should be done with a Battle Angel adaptation before that. So until then, it’s all vaporware.



Source: Comics Alliance




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