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Javier Bardem is blonde in new Bond


You know what? I don’t often talk about it but I really like that Javier Bardem is cast as the next Bond villain. Don’t get me wrong there wasn’t much to complain about with Mads Mikkelsen or Mathieu Amalric in the last 2 films starring Daniel Craig but there’s something particularly despicable about Bardem in the role. Maybe it’s his demeanor? Maybe it’s his bravado? Maybe it’s cus he has the guts to dye his hair blonde and… naaaah, manly guys like this don’t do “Battle of the Blonde’s” do they? No Bardem is badass in the role cus he’s badass and here are a few new photos from the film showing off his look in the film and more:



A blonde ponytail. Not too many men can make that look at all intimidating in this day and age. I’m impressed. It’s so odd that it’s scary. There’s a lot of positive things to look forward to with this film and I for one am more than ready to return to the world of espionage a-la-James Bond.


Via: Jo Blo



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