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Total Recall’s Tri-breasted chick

Early on when it was announced that Total Recall was undergoing a remake fans of the original started asking the hard questions. Will the film be on Mars? Will Governator cameo in the film? Why Colin Farrell? but no questions was as rampant as the speculation as to whether the film would feature the famous three breasted hooker. Well at this past weekends Comic-Con the tri-breasted hooker made an appearance to promote the film and we found the photos!


Now this image has been ingrained and remembered by males who’ve watched the film for over 20 years, and the question as to who will supply this imagery for a new generation has been burning in our minds for far too long. I present to you actress Kaitlyn Leeb as the new tri-breasted hooker:

 Revealing: The stunning star, who wears a prosthetic third breast in the movie, donned the appendage to promote the film


Another interesting tidbit is that Kate Beckinsale almost took on the role of the three breasted woman, but when she freed up more time in her schedule she took on a bigger role as Quaid’s wife:


Leeb’s appearance in the film is creating so much buzz that she has almost outshone the movie’s two leading ladies, including Wiseman’s wife Kate Beckinsale, who plays Lori (Colin Farrell’s onscreen wife) and Jessica Biel.

Kate is also well aware of this fact, revealing that her husband even suggested that she play the part herself.

‘We’d had a conversation about the fact that I wasn’t available and we were both being very grown-up about it and he said, “Well, maybe, will you play the three-breasted hooker just so that you’re in the movie?”‘ she explained.

‘And I was like, “OK”, because it had been a very long time since I saw the movie.’


Very interesting. Can’t wait to see that BluRay!


Via: Daily Mail




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