Advanced Idea Mechanics in Iron Man 3


You know Advanced Idea Mechanics, don’t you? Evil organization filled to the brim with super geniuses whom pride themselves with the goal of global restructuring and general domination? They made that floating head guy ‘M.O.D.O.K.‘ Well it appears that the company behind said head will make its debut in Iron Man 3 and we get this news courtesy of some guy with a camera in North Carolina. Lot’s of people with cameras there…



It’s good to see the guys at Marvel further fleshing out the film universe and incorporating more of the organizations involved in their world. Gives everything a nice texture and somewhat authenticity. Iron Man 3 is certainly shaping up to be a interesting movie with the globe trotting and star spangled guys. That’s all for now…


Source: Latino Review

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2 thoughts on “Advanced Idea Mechanics in Iron Man 3

  1. This is really sweet. AIM make pretty sweet antagonists with all of their super weapons. Iron Man 2 was a disappointment mainly because it did not have a threatening villain. AIM can actually present a challenge to Iron Man. This is good because after the Avengers, Marvel will need to step it up. The film arena is still reeling from how amazing the Avengers was, so hopefully the streak can keep going.

    1.  @ScottHarrigan I’m optimistic about the film. I think the movie is in good hands with Shane Black directing and there appear to be a lot of elements and players in this film to make the scope seem that much larger than the previous film.

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