Trailer: This Is 40 from Judd Apatow

With The Five Year Engagement opening this weekend, Judd Apatow already has another film waiting to make us laugh this winter. This Is 40 stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann and is a semi-sequel to Knocked Up. It looks like it’s going to focus on their characters’ marriage as they age and features some other familiar faces like Jason Segel and Melissa McCarthy. Take a look at the trailer below.

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I actually thought Paul Rudd was funnier than Seth Rogen in Knocked Up so I think this film has the potential to be just as funny. The theme overall seems to be cliche because there have been a ton of movies that focus on the “getting older” factor. If there is a lack of redundancy in making the audience aware of the theme, I think this film has some strong characters that could easily bring some laughs. One film that immediately comes to mind is Get Him To The Greek (a semi-sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and even though that film didn’t have great box office numbers, I laughed quite a bit. Hopefully This Is 40 has the same level of separation from Knocked Up as Get Him To The Greek had from Forgetting Sarah Marshall because rehashing old humor can leave some people lost and provide only minimal laughs. Judd Apatow’s done pretty good so far, so I expect to get some laughs out of this film.

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