Trailer: Prometheus

The trailer for Ridley’s Scott Prometheus trailer has finally hit the web for all of our ocular ingestion. They’ve been releasing teasers for the release of the trailer that I’d decided against posting at the time but have included along with the trailer below:

Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

Teaser 3:

Full Trailer:

It’s definitely eerie but not very revealing. It’s good to have some insight into the plot of this movie as the cast seems to be a team of explorers out to discover the source of human existence. You can certainly see the scale and scope of the movie thanks to these clips and it’s certainly re-assuring to hear the excitement from director Ridley Scott regarding this project.

I’m not sure how this will tie into or acknowledge the “DNA” of the Alien franchise but you definitely can identify a lot of the details and art direction that Ridley Scott has been known for with his sci-fi efforts. I really like the tone of the trailers and the use of the blue hue overlaying a lot of the scenes, and the use of the color in a few other key spots giving everything a very very cold and ‘alien’ feel. They’ve yet to reveal anything inhuman in these clips but they’ve certainly managed to maintain my excitement.

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9 thoughts on “Trailer: Prometheus

  1. Ummm… Anthony, are you sure you watched the trailer? Because your question of how this movie will acknowledge the Alien franchise is answered in the trailer: the very brief shot of the space jockey and it’s “U” shaped spaceship from the original Alien movie. It’s obvious from the trailer that Prometheus is gonna take place, for the most part, on LV-426. And I’m betting that these space explorers are probably Weyland-Yutani employees.

  2. If they actually play with the myth of Prometheus and the origin of man this could be a pretty hardcore Sci-Fi story.
    It already feels heavy for a summer movie (in a good/intelligent way) just like Inception did at the time.

    This is my most anticipated movie of 2012, it has every ingredients to be.

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