Bane Speaks

I just stumbled across the greatest video showcasing exactly why there’s absolutely no need for Christopher Nolan to modify the sound of Bane or Batman in his upcoming movie.

Via: Screen Junkies

Very very fun stuff. If you are still unappy with the voice of Bane in that latest trailer, here’s a good reminder about the problem with Batman’s voice. Good stuff.

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5 thoughts on “Bane Speaks

  1. To tell the truth, I never had any problems understanding Bale’s Batman voice, and I was able to understand Hardy’s Bane voice when I first saw it in the trailer. Maybe I’m just a good listener.

  2. Bane sounds fine in the trailer, the guy has a respirator over his mouth, exactly how else is he supposed to sound?

    I would be more worried about the lack of good looking women in these movies.

    holmes (way below average)
    gillallagingenhall (ugly)
    Anne Hathaway (below average) would have prefered more along the lines of Arkham city catwomen

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