New Posters for Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Did you remember that there’s another, maybe cooler, Abraham Lincoln movie coming? I forgot all about this other one. I devoted so much time to staring at a chameleon who has time for Vampires? Well, we do now and these new posters are available for your perusal.

Via: Live for Films

Idunno why but looking at these posters make me think of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Either way they look pretty cool and make a clear distinction, for the academy’s consideration I’m sure, from the competing Abraham Lincoln tale. I like the posters but I really want to see a trailer to see what Bekmambetov has cooked up with his latest movie.

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5 thoughts on “New Posters for Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter

    1. The same guy who thought of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

      I read this book and it was a great read. I am really looking forward to see how this is adapted for the big screen.

  1. The only thing that worries me here is seeing Tim Burton’s name at the top of these posters. I’m tired of Burton! The man hasn’t had a genuine idea for 10 years now and I cringe at the thought of seeing his unmistakable and overdone visual style stamped all over what could be one ridiculously kick ass movie.

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