Trailer 2: The Dark Knight Rises

I am posting as quickly as my fingers will allow. A new, stunning, trailer for Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his Batman trilogy is now online. No, there’s nothing else to say, quit wasting time reading this and play the damn trailer already!

About time we saw Hathaway in a clip like this. She’s sooo ominous in this video that I don’t know what to make of her. Is she aligned with Bane? What’s Bane’s goal in all of this? Some of us were lucky enough to see the 6 minute preview for the Dark Knight Rises this past weekend and I’m just as confused and awestruck at Bane as I was on first site. I’m going to stew on this for a bit and may come back to update this post after reflecting. What the hell do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. You now have permission to die…

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28 thoughts on “Trailer 2: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Watching the trailer and re-watching… I get a sense that the back breaking may occur somewhere in the middle of the movie…

    Scenes like Alfred lamenting that he couldn’t care for Bruce, Bruce walking with a cane and the scene where he looks disheveled and entering what looks like some underground lair lead to my believe… Could it be a precursor to him entering the Lazarus Pits to cure himself?

    All this will only be confirmed on July 20th 2012

  2. The only problem I had understanding Bane was watching a recorded clip of the prologue, the trailer is fine IMO…

    As for Bane’s story arc, I get the feeling that he is either A. a backup plan for the League of shadows, a response to Bruce leaving the movement.


    B. A sort of long con of Rhas Al Ghul, which would make sense with flashbacks and his appearance in the film. Perhaps Bruce was a pawn in a grand scheme to eventually destroy Gotham. Batman was aside effect, but maybe not unseen…

  3. I think the people that are having touble understanding Bane’s voice have never had children. I have three and I guess my ears are trainied to hear distorted voices by now, because I didn’t have any trouble understanding Bane.

  4. But the bigger shock if both Harvey Dent and Ra’s Al Ghul are both alive and challenges Bruce Wayne to fisticuffs at the end of this movie, after Batman finishes off Bane.

  5. I was there reading the comic, with bane breaking the bats back. It was boring then as it is now. Bane ” a character with no back story at all; has never had a good role in the series “animated” because he is just a henchmen cliche’. I feel this is a quick end to reboot the series again, just like spidey.

    1. Out of all of the villains Nolan had to choose from, Bane would definitely seem the most flat.


      Since out of all those villains, Nolan chose Bane, we can expect something extremely defining and deep with Bane. I mean, in all honesty the Joker was kind of flat as well until Nolan redefined him…

  6. I cant wait now, :) this trailer makes me want to whatch the dark kinght, in my opinion this movie should have been the second one, the reason is, if you want to end a trilogy why not end it with batman’s greatest enemy of all time the joker. thats just me.

      1. I’m betting Aaron Eckhart will have a flashback cameo of sorts as Harvey Dent in this movie. He’s being coy and evasive the whole time when he’s asked whether Harvey will show up and I am sure he filmed his scenes for this movie already with Chris Nolan in full secrecy.

        As for Liam Neeson’s scenes as Ra’s Al Ghul, I won’t be surprised if he’s still alive even if he sort of perished at the end of Batman Begins. I’m betting he’s still alive . Perhaps he’s the one pulling the strings on Bane and relaying all his orders through his daughter Talia Al Ghul aka Miranda Tate.

    1. Or it’ll encourage plenty of ‘re-watches’ depending on the film itself.

      I had a little trouble with Bane but was able to understand most of what he said with effort. It is shocking that such effort is needed but it’s also a little… exciting? It seems like an unorthodox approach to encourage ‘effort’ from the audience and I find it incredibly interesting that Nolan wants the audience to be actively doing that.

      I think there’s more to this…

  7. From the rumors, I was expecting to really not be able to understand Bane which I thought would be really interesting. I was actually confused when I could fully understand him. I guess it’s natural that when a movie is of this scale people find any reason to overreact.

    I also agree with Lawrence. I think Nolan will give us a mashup of the graphic novels.

  8. I have faith in Christopher Nolan to make this final Batflick that will top and surpass The Dark Knight…. This movie has bits and pieces of “Knightfall” (Bane breaking Batman’s back obviously), “Dark Knight Returns” (older Batman), No Man’s Land (earthquake) and “The Cult” (two factions – Bane’s henchmen vs. citizens of Gotham, fighting each other. Although in that graphic novel, a renegade preacher named Deacon Blackfire headed a religious cult that took over Gotham.).

  9. Epic seems a little overstated, I enjoyed the series thus far and enjoy the Nolan direction of intelligent storytelling but this film has everyone on the bandwagon but me, that football scenes effects looked shOddy at best, and bane seems kinda lame IMO , also I know everyone will say its groundbreaking and all but were definitely getting a broken back bats in this one, you can smell it a mile away, my prediction is its gonna let some people down and be more in line with begins in that sense, just sayin’

    1. I dont think its overstated in the least. The fact that Batman will be broken is what makes it epic, we will be spanning the time frame of all three films from Begins to now and Nolan is ending the series here. What other word would you use for that?

    2. I think Band should be voiced over by Danny Trejo, give him that authentic Hispanic feel like they’ve done in the Young Justice animated series and Arkham games. The whole football scene seems so unrealistic. I will watch it no less but I can’t understand Bane at all and I really hope they don’t go with the whole Breaking Batman’s back stint from the comics, like 420 I feel it… I just hope I’m wrong.

  10. At first I thought Bane’s voice sounded like the guy from Hellboy II, but its growing on me…

    As for the trailer, it looks truly epic and Im still insanely curious as to the plot, what the hell is Bane up to? I also dig the ambiguity of Selina Kyle so far, I think she’ll be the wild card right down to the end…

  11. Bane’s voice is amazing; it seems that’s TDKR will be a really sad movie, it has that depressing vibe all over it, can’t wait!! In Nolan We Trust!!

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