Lussier, Farmer Wish To Continue On With Rob Zombie version of Halloween (3)

It appears one remake (My Bloody Valentine) isn’t enough for the Drive Angry team of Director Patrick Lussier and scribe Todd Farmer. After they attempt to redo Hellraiser, word is getting out that they plan to continue the re-imagined Rob Zombie version of Halloween with what nobody really asked for : a third movie.

MTV has the story in all of its g(l)ory:

Farmer has completed the script already and they are in talks with the Weinstein company to make the movie, but Lussier said the time just hasn’t been right to bring the film to production yet.

Initially, Lussier and Farmer were planning on making “Halloween 3” before they started prep on “Drive Angry,” but they quickly realized that there wouldn’t be any time to make it, edit it and get it to theaters before they started work on the Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard-starring action flick. Now with “Hellraiser” on the horizon, they said they wouldn’t get a chance to start on it until after that remake was finished.

Now, I will admit I liked some of the stuff in the remake of ‘My Bloody Valentine’ – to a point. In addition, I never warmed up to any other film Lussier has directed. The only reason ‘Valentine’ worked for me to some extent was because there wasn’t as much baggage as, say, well, Pinhead from Hellraiser or Michael Myers from Halloween. Nothing against the franchises, but some days I just feel that I’d settle for a new boogeyman or horror hero to take the reigns. That said, I would be VERY curious how they’d bring the Rob Zombie Michael Myers back, considering the last film.
Or maybe not.
What do you think, int’l peeps? You looking forward to more Halloween…or Hellraiser, for that matter?

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6 thoughts on “Lussier, Farmer Wish To Continue On With Rob Zombie version of Halloween (3)

  1. The first Zombie Halloween movie wasn’t that bad, but the second was just awful. There’s no need to make a third just for the sake of making a third. I do like Droford’s idea. Don’t call it a Halloween movie like they did but work off of that idea and perhaps you could achieve the goal they were shooting for when they did it.

  2. Maybe it’ll be a remake of the original 3rd movie that was had nothing to do with Micheal Myers. I always thought that movie was under rated.

  3. as a full on horror fan (think Randy from Scream, or “Chainsaw” from Summer School) I really enjoyed Zombie’s Halloween movies, just taking them at face value and not attempting to contrast and compare to the originals.

    I’m totally excited for a new Hellraiser, to me he’s always been a bit underrated as a horror icon, there’s so much more that can be done with him.

  4. I havent seen the new bloody valentine yet but after reading this Its on my list.

    as for the halloween films the first was just ok and the second sucked so bad I left the theaters pissed.

    I would have prefered they just kept doing more and more sequels to the original than rebooting it and making it look dumb.

    that goes to all the classic horrors freddy,jason,michel,chuck and pinhead.

    dont bothor reboting them cause no reboot so far has been anywhere near as good as the original series just keep bringing them on sequel the original series lets see a jason 20 and a nightmare 22 haloween 30 id much rather see that than the new reboots for sure.

  5. The Rob Zombie Halloween films were a complete joke and a total waste of film. They should never be mentioned ever again! If a new Halloween film is going to be made then they need to completely forget that Rob Zombie’s version ever happened and start fresh.

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