David O. Russell leaves Uncharted

I’m not sure what’s going on with directors walking away from pre-existing properties being adapted for film, but the latest is that David O. Rusself, (the Fighter), has decided to walk away from directorial duties for the big screen adaptation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Source: Variety

David O. Russell, who was set to write and produce the bigscreen adaptation of the videoame “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune,” has left the project over creative differences, Variety’s Jeff Sneider exclusively reports. More to come…

I wasn’t convinced that we needed another imitation Indiana Jones movie and I’m glad that they have an opportunity to re-think this whole thing. On paper it almost always sounds like a good idea but then you wind up with duds. I’m looking forward to news of a new director for this movie who will hopefully bring a new perspective to how a Uncharted movie should look.

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7 thoughts on “David O. Russell leaves Uncharted

  1. It is my hope that Naughty Dog felt the pressure from the fans and requested that DO’R change certain elements and his stubborness caused him to walk away. “I won an Oscar I wanna do it my way I’m smarter than everyone” is how i see this guy coming off.

    I am so happy this happened I feel we have justice. Now please let Joss Whedon grab this after avengers and make it right…. that is all.

    1. on second thought get me Guiermo Del Toro he loves the franchise and knows all about the story. Plus he is an awesome director. (I changed my avatar) I will keep it this till this wrong completely rights itself.

      1. love the idea of tel toro directing! that would be awesome. but i’m still not conviced we need a uncharted-movie in the first place.

        it’s gonna be hard to make a movie about a game that draws ONLY from hollywood-movie and in many cases make fun of the traditional hollywood-adventure. so i say: play drakes deception and leave it be…

  2. While I certainly feel Russell is great director with great ideas, his plans did NOT meld with what Uncharted should be. I’m glad he’s gone, but I’m hoping that another quality director gets nabbed for the movie.

    1. Yea I’m glad he’s gone too because his “mafia family” idea for the Uncharted movie sucked bad. Now if only they got rid of Mark Whalberg as Nathan Drake and replaced him with a more capable actor.

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