Watch the Mortal Kombat Legacy teaser

Mortal Kombat is coming back in a big way this year with their game recently reaching Gold status and expected to be eviscerating spines in your console of choice soon. In addition to the game we have the upcoming web series that we can now share footage of Jax and Kano in action.

Via: io9

I think it looks decent. Not great but definitely not awful. Some of the fight scenes are a little weak as they just seem to be too obviously choreographed and I swear that they’re not even pretending to look like they’re running at full speed. Someone in the edit room needs to speed this up to 1.5x speed, throw in some shaky cam cus its popular, and give that one a do over. Overall it’s on the radar because this may be the very best translation from videogame to live action I’ve seen in… well, ever.

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17 thoughts on “Watch the Mortal Kombat Legacy teaser

  1. I only have 2 words to say…..


  2. This… doesn’t give me a Mortal Kombat vibe at all, realism or not. There’s nothing here that makes me think this is from/inspired by/a part of Mortal Kombat at all.

  3. So how are they making money off web episodes? Is there a website to subscribe too?

    I think it looks cool enough. Christopher Nolans Batman Begins and Martin Cambells Casino Royale has influenced remakes and reboots and this trailer shows it. Darker and Gritty and of course more realistic tone in a fantasy world.

  4. That guy playing Kano nearly ruined Ip Man 2 with his dialogue delivery but hes a good screen fighter. This could be interesting but I’ll be more excited when I see how the more supernatural aspects are dealt with.

  5. Anthony….a day without shaky cam is another day of sunshine.

    The only thing wrong with the fight is that we don’t know the context behind it, the teaser just jumps right in. But we can still see the moves.

    1. yeah, keep the shaky cam away, unless it’s from the perspective of the actor/actress…….Running VERY fast.

      But then could hide some painfull flaws.

  6. Mortal Combat again? HUH.

    I always liked to play Scorpion and that old guy with the lightning bolts or electricity coming from his body!

    What’s that ol’ dudes name?

      1. Thanks! loved when he’d just be chillin in a yoga pose.

        As for the clip,
        dont you hate it (in these kinda movies) in when they start running after one another and there so close, THEN(like this) dude turns up the tairs and the chaser is like 5 inches away and instead of shooting, stabbing,grabbing the guy on the foot,leg, etc. he follows him….then…keep on running behind the other guy..WITH A GUN in their hands!
        SHOOT! SHOOT!

        good stuff.

    1. Jax chased him because he was out of ammo they both were. As for grabbing its not just hat easy yea he could tackle the asshole but its not at easy as it looks.

    1. You probably didn’t see the mini test pilot they did. The pilot was for a revise/new take of the Mortal Kombat universe in hopes of a new MK movie to be made in this vision. That is Jax and he seems to be chasing some unknown dude. Instead of a Movie the well received Pilot lead to a new Web-episode series.

      So far im liking what im seeing.

      1. How do we know this is Kano? Doesn’t he have a big metal plate in his face? To me, he just looks like another punk criminal.

        Understanding that only a couple words were spoken, the acting seemed pretty lame. I don’t have high hopes in that department.

        As far as the action goes, not a big fan of the gun battle–not very Mortal Kombaty. The hand to hand stuff was okay. When the moves were quick, it was pretty impressive. Overall, though, I am underwhelmed.

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