Schwarzenegger might be in The Last Stand

This might be the last time I refer to him as anything other than Governator but while I’m adjusting lets look into the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger might get cast in Kim Ji-woon’s ‘The Last Stand’.
Source: /Film

Liam Neeson was previously cast in the part but left the film a few months back…
… “a Polish distributor who is helping finance” the film, but we confirmed it with a source closer to the production. The deal has yet to been signed, but apparently that could happen at any time. Lionsgate is currently waiting on Schwarzenegger’s camp at CAA to make a counter offer but that most of the major points have supposedly been ironed out.

This is not the Governator. This is something different, and it really sounds like it’s more up his alley. Kim Ji-woon goes on to explain that he wants this film to be a mix of ‘Die Hard’ and ‘High Noon’ as the plot revolves around a sheriff tasked with stopping an escaped drug dealer from crossing into Mexico in a super car. I’m indifferent about the news, and the movie premise in general, as it’s what I feel that this sounds a little too cliche and expected from him and that’s just not as exciting as I’d once hoped.

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9 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger might be in The Last Stand

    1. The Governator IS original. Just because its been a nickname of the star turned politician hardly means its not original.

      You cry that you want him to do something original and he has. He has never done a cartoon series before.

      Careful what you ask for. “Original” doesn’t instantly mean its good.

      1. I think Frank Castle up here meant that he wants him to do something new (as in movie property) and not retread his old stuff.

        But again Governator IS original. so Yeah..

        Original stale cartoon banking on his “STAR” status..
        coulda worked in early 90’s I think. somehow it seems cheesy now.

        I think he’ll suprise us with a genuinely Funny Action film.
        Someone PLEASE call James Cameron and Tom Arnold..


      2. “Original” would mean by not ripping off some comic book character (like Iron Man-type armor assembly and the “Arnold Cave” obviously ripped off from Batman’s Batcave). Robots transforming? been there done that. I think
        this Governator cartoon makes Arnold look like he’s lost a step. Yeah , call his buddy James Cameron to revive his Terminator franchise to resurrect Arnold’s career.

      3. Take a snarky tone and you can make any movie or tv show sound like it is ripping off something else.

        Nothing is new if you say it that way.

        Governator is new. Yeah it fits a genre, but it is its own thing.

        It looks like garbage, but it is original.

        Again. Careful what you ask for.

  1. Yeah, I never thought I’d say this but, I’m kinda sick of all this news about Arnie already! (and he hasn’t done a film yet.)

    am I alone?

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