Transformers 3 might have Dinobots

The Dinobots are the jurassic equivalent of the autobots with robots disguising themselves as dinosaurs. Michael Bay has thus far included some of the more appreciably obscure bots in previous installments and today we learn that he may go further if this image is any indication.

Via: Worst Previews

I swear that toys are one of the best sources for first looks when it comes to these movies that are obviously created to promote toys. There’s not much to see from just this toy but the idea of Dinobots and Sentinel Prime are causing havoc on the radar.

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15 thoughts on “Transformers 3 might have Dinobots

  1. I remember a deleted scene from the first TF movie that was a city shot of Grimlock walking down the street… all it showed was his body, tail and legs, but it was Bay’s idea to put him in the deleted scenes… I think it is on the dvd but if not, it’s definitely online somewhere…

  2. Dinobots r wicked cool, I want to see giant robot dinos destroying everything, firing rockets, lighting bolts, fireballs and giant lasers into buildings. That’s what’s been missing in the tf franchise, giant laser guns and nuclear explosions.

  3. ive been a long time transformers fan and I was very happy with the first 2 films if megatron is not in the third I will be pissed.

    I know during the second film the released all kinds of toys of characters that were not in the film were made into toys anyway.

    dinobots were cool and i think these toys are just toys why would they change the name of the original characters??? Grimlok was the ultimate transformer he was the only one who could suprass prime in many of the comic books he did..

    its just toys if anything mayb e a small teaser clip in the movie no way the dinobots would be in this film without any news other than toys

  4. There was also an Arielbot set with the Autobot airplane combiners that were branded with the Revenge of the Fallen artwork too.

    The movie is certainly to promote the sale of merchandise, but not all that merchandise will be in the movie.

    At the same time, it doesn’t mean it will not. While Bay was saying Megatron wouldn’t be in Fallen despite a Megatron toy with the Fallen logo on it, he did turn out to be in the movie.

    Just sayin.

  5. Nothing in the trailers or press releases suggest that there will be Dinobots in Transformers 3. But fanboys will surely love seeing Grimlock and Co. in part 3.

  6. They already had a caveman flashback in TF2, I guess there’s no real reason to not go a bit further back in this one.

    The downside (and I know I’m probably over-thinking it) will be wrapping up how the ‘bots have been here for millions of years, seemingly without each successive generation knowing about the one before it.

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