Antman script is DONE

One of the more interesting, but lesser known, Avengers that has been rumored for a theatrical treatment is Antman with Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish’s names having been associated with the project almost since the beginning. Today we learn that they are finished writing the script and the ball.. ANT is in Marvel’s hands now.

Source: Worst Previews

in January, he revealed that he has resumed writing the script. And now comes word from Cornish that things are moving forward. “We delivered the second draft of ‘Ant-Man’ two days ago, and we’re really happy with it,” he said at Kapow! Comic Con on Saturday.

Marvel Studios has previously mentioned that “Ant-Man” is part of their group of films that will be released after “The Avengers,” but the studio has yet to greenlight it. The latest rumor points at Adrien Brody being the current favorite for the lead role.

This is exciting as it’s one of the few post ‘Avengers’ details we have for Marvel’s shared movie universe. I’m looking forward to how things develop from here and with Comic Con soon approaching I hope we’ll at least get a proper synopsis released sooner rather than later because I’m frankly stumped as to what they may have written to make for an interesting Ant-Man movie. Seriously stumped.

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10 thoughts on “Antman script is DONE

    1. Nathan Fillon love aside, he’s kinda getting to be a satire on his own acting ability. What I mean is, the more he’s mentioned the more he comes off as the future Bruce Campbell

  1. Considering the timing, i wont be surprised that they will not only give the green light, but ant man will make some sort special appearance in the avengers,,, leading to avengers 2…..

  2. Coming from a marvel movie fan, but non-comic book reader, the title alone of the protagonist leaves them a lot of persuading to do. Never has a movie been proposed about a hero the uneducated (me) know less about. Maybe it’s a smart thing they are doing this after the avengers. Perhaps they will mention him or at least acknowledge. his existence

  3. Antman could be a good transition movie to an Avengers sequel. I don’t like Adrian Brody for this but he is a great actor so I am sure he could pull it off. My hope is that an Avengers sequel would center around Hawkeye Antman Wasp Vision and possibly wonderman or Scarlet Witch or even she hulk and get away from the Mega Ultra Heroes this Avengers movie is going to have.

    1. I like where your heads at.
      I personally grew up on late 70’s early 80’s Avengers comics and LOVE that idea.
      Vision, Scarlett, and Yellow Jacket (not probable) with Cap were my Favorites as I turned the pages. She Hulk is due as well.

      Brody here could pull off an Ant-eater, y’know with the long nose and all. But He’ll do fine I’m sure. Just PLEASE no Eva Longoria!

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