Look at the Hangover 2 Poster

The first poster for the Hangover 2 has made it’s way online for our ocular enjoyment courtesy of the fine folks over at Cinemablend.

Via: Cinemablend

Not a lot to see here. The poster is fine as they really don’t have to do much to get the attention of fans of the original movie and I think just showing the ‘Wolfpack’ hung over with a monkey on their back delivers the right message for the target audience. I still giggle each time I see the Mike Tyson tattoo on Ed Helms’ face.

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4 thoughts on “Look at the Hangover 2 Poster

    1. I feel bad for Justin Bartha, I hoped he had a bigger role and maybe add a new dynamic to the group, but from all the media releases so far I have to guess he gets lost again or something.

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