Star Trek 2 coming soon?

Chris Pine has been in a bit of a high demand lately and rumors are now appearing online that Paramount may have elevated Star Trek 2 on their priority list after scripting issues have affected their Jack Ryan reboot.
Source: Deadline

Paramount Pictures has scrapped a tentative plan for Chris Pine to resuscitate the Jack Ryan franchise before he reprises his James T. Kirk role in a Star Trek sequel. The slow process of nailing the Ryan script has prompted the studio to focus on getting Pine at the helm of the USS Enterprise first, even as the studio waits to see if JJ Abrams will reprise as Trek director…

…Paramount’s expectation is for the Star Trek sequel to start production by the fall so that the studio can keep that film’s projected June 29, 2012 release date. Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof are are working on the script.

I personally would rather see another Star Trek movie than a Jack Ryan movie. I don’t have any problem with the Jack Ryan franchise, it’s just that I’m an amateur Trekkie and I want more Star Trek.

JJ Abrams has been pretty shy on the Star Trek subject, with most references from him being a reminder that he hasn’t signed on to direct. If Paramount plans to start production this year, then I think it’s a safe bet that we’ll get some clarification on his involvement fairly soon.

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5 thoughts on “Star Trek 2 coming soon?

  1. Star Trek with Chris Pine was great! I am really looking forward to seeing another in this series. There are so many story and plot avenues that can be dreamed up for this kind of space sci-fi that I can see Star Trek films going on for decades. Let’s hope!

  2. Abrhams will be back on after Super 8 hit’s it big at the box office.

    Pine rocked as Kirk and has officially made me “Care” about the new Trek.

    also awaiting the 2nd installment eagerly.

    “May the force be with them” (in making it faster)


  3. Chris Pine has the chops to do both but like Anthony I’d rather see him as Capt. Kirk than Jack Ryan. Green light the Star Trek sequel and just hold off of Jack Ryan. No one is hammering for a Jack Ryan movie right now but people are looking forward to the Trek sequel.

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