Gary Oldman Talks About The Dark Knight Rises

In a recent interview with MTV, Gary Oldman spoke a little about his thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises story, saying how he thinks its better then The Dark Knight. Check out the vid guys.

I find it very interesting how he says the story comes back to Batman Begins, probably refering to Talia Al Ghul making an appearance. I like the idea of the trilogy coming full circle, as long as it doesnt feel forced. Io9 also highlighted a rather interesting quote regarding tha main villain of the piece:

“I think it’s a villain from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics… It is a Batman villian… It’s not going to be the Joker.”

Hmmm… could be refering to Catwoman, because Bane is a reletively modern character. Io9 also speculate it could be Hugo Strange. Time will tell.
Any thoughts on who it might be?

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6 thoughts on “Gary Oldman Talks About The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Ian you may be right, it could be refering to Hugo Strange cause he’s a really old villian too, who appeared before the Joker in a 1940 Detective Comic starring Batman. I still don’t know how Nolan could top Dark Knight. Impossible feat in my opinion. Can’t wait to see the result though.

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