The Monsters Inc and Toy Story Sequels We Never Got

While we all wait patiently for news of the next Monsters Inc flick, be it sequel or prequel, ScreenRant has unearthed something to think about. Circle 7 was the studio set up to make Pixar sequels back when it looked like Disney and Pixar might part ways, and most of these sequels would have been direct to DVD jobs.

The studio had been working on a Monsters Inc sequel, titled Monsters Inc: Lost In Scaradise (Horrible title), but when Pixar and Disney made up, John Lasseter scrapped all of Circle 7’s work on sequels, banishing their concepts to obscurity… or so you might think. Screenwriters Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir recently shared a short animatic, showing the general story. It doesnt show much but its interesting enough, so check it out.

Personally, I don’t really like the idea… and I wouldn’t really trust anyone else with Pixars characters! Pixar are MASTERS. However, it’s kinda fun to see into an alternate universe eh?
The same studio was also working on that original attempt at Toy Story 3, and they released some concept art as well as the plot, which would have dealt with Buzz being recalled to the Taiwan factory where he was made, and the toys trying to save him. The same screenwriters also say how they believe the real Toy Story 3 was the perfect way to end the story anyways, so they don’t seem too bitter. Heres the concept art guys:

Not bad, could have been fun, but as they said, the Real Toy Story 3 was pretty much perfect.
Any film that makes a grown man cry is great!
Any thoughts, friends?

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