New ‘Hitman’ Movie Coming

A sequel to 2007’s Hitman is being made to coincide with the release of the next game in the series, Hitman Absolution. The first movie, staring Timothy Olyphant as the famous assassin, was widely panned by critics but made a decent amount of money in the box office. Its unknown if Olyphant will return as Agent 47, but what is known is that the movie will apparently tie in quite closely with the game, both being released in 2012. The game itself is using the performance capture facilities James Cameron used for Avatar.
Via The Hollywood Reporter

“We’ve designed a more stylized, more serious, and darker game this time around in both the story line and the visuals,” Blystad said. “The hope is that the movie will be going in a similar direction, and then when they both come out they will speak the same language. They won’t follow the old Hitman games, but rather go with this newer direction.”

“We’ve seen the grit and texture and the character-driven context that IO Interactive is going for with Hitman: Absolution and it’s our goal to bring Agent 47 back with a vengeance next year in a movie,” said Adrian Askarieh, who is producing a second Hitman film with Chuck Gordon and Fox International. Daniel Casey (Jimmy Six) has written the latest draft of the script.

I actually enjoyed the first Hitman movie. I don’t think it was a good video game adaption, but it was enjoyable to sit and watch with your brain switched off. I’m far more excited about the next game in the series, and how this performance capture and use of established actors may help the experience as a whole.
Any Hitman fans amongst us?

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10 thoughts on “New ‘Hitman’ Movie Coming

  1. LOVED the Hitman videogames. The first movie wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t say it was a videogame adaptation (obviously a film should be able to stand on its own)… but there was enough story and action – and you gotta dig the techno music in that one gunfight – to want me coming back for more.

  2. I enjoyed the first Hitman and hope Timothy Olyphant is rejoining the cast for part 2. I haven’t played the games before, but I think Olyphant made a great Agent 47. I just hope the sequel also has another character like Olga Kurylenko’s Nika. She almost made the whole movie for me.

  3. You’re not alone anti septic, I very much enjoyed the movie, it didn’t follow the games as much as I hoped but timothy olyphant did a great job being agent 47, I would go as far to say its probably the best video game adaptation to date.

    1. Yea, totally agree with you. I have become a big Olyphant fan since this film. He has gone on to better and brighter things now.

      Justified rules!

      1. I liked him in The Girl Next Door (2004), but I know a lot of people in general hated that movie. I was in middle school, so the subject matter was “ooooooOOOOOOOooooo” for me (i.e. pornstars, etc.).

        Still, I liked him.

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