How Hollywood Would Look On a NES

Artist Andy Helms has produced some really nice pieces, depicting cinema classics like Star Wars and A Fistfull of Dollars as well as more modern flicks like Inception and The Lord of The Rings as 8bit video game stills. Heres a selection via Kotaku

Pretty cool if you ask me, but I get all geeky over things like this anyway!

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6 thoughts on “How Hollywood Would Look On a NES

  1. They don’t really look like NES games, some are kinda like Atari’s… And neither could handle the rotaton requiered to depict that scene in Inception :)

    Anyway, there are actual Star Wars and Ghostbusters games for the Nes system…

    1. I understand there was actual games for the NES, but that doesn’t really have anythung to do with the article. These aren’t NES games, nor are they claiming to be. Its simply art.

      1. I get it, but the point of this particular art is to make them look like NES games, and they don’t :). (again, they look more like old Atari’s, pc xt, commodore, etc).

        Maybe it’s hard to see a difference, but there fine examples of modern movies in 8-bit style ( like that video of The Dark Knight, or the Contra conversion to play as The Expendables)

        And I thin it’s kinda the poimt of showing how a movie would look like in certain style, is that it hadn’t existed that way (otherwise, its like showing how would King Kong look lke as a black and white stop motion creature ;) )

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