First footage of TV’s Wonder Woman

I’ve been following this Wonder Woman stuff and I know that this stuff may not be movie related but I felt I just had to share this hand cam footage of someone catching Adrianne Palicki as TV’s Wonder Woman.

Via: MovieWeb

There are some online grumblings regarding the costume but I for one think it’s fine. What works for TV and what works for movies are completely different. I remember the apprehension with the myriad of redesigns of characters on Smallville and it has yet to be a detriment to that show. Regardless the production team must’ve taken the feedback to heart as there are some changes to the costume from what was previously shown. I’m curious as to what direction they intend to carry this show and if it’ll actually survive a full season so I might actually watch this one…

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4 thoughts on “First footage of TV’s Wonder Woman

    1. Fly she does, but they probably ain’t gonna spend the money for that. They didn’t want to spend any money on the costume, that’s why they tried to give us the holloween costume from hell. If they wanted to be frugal in regards to the costume, flying is out of the question. Unless they go the old George Reeves Superman route and show her flying from the side as she periodically turns to the camera, smiles and looks forward again.

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