Craig Robinson is the Anti-Christ

Craig Robinson is one of the funniest scene stealers in television and film today. I often feel that his performances typically outshine some of the top billings of whomever he’s cast with in whatever he works on, and I’m happy to find out that he may not be bucking the trend anytime soon with his latest film ‘Rapturepalooza’.

Source: Collider

The script has a great premise: the story is set a year after the Rapture and half the world’s population has been beamed up to the heaven spaceship. In between blood rainstorms and talking locusts and other fun post-religious apocalyptic events that religious folks are totally cool with letting the rest of us endure, main characters Ben and Lindsey are trying to run a sandwich cart business. Matters are made worse when the Anti-Christ chooses Lindsay to be his new bride.

I like this premise a lot and hope to find out more information soon because, to me, this sounds like a sequel to a Kevin Smith movie that I always wanted but will never get made.

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4 thoughts on “Craig Robinson is the Anti-Christ

  1. Listen I fell in love with this guy in Pineapple Express and Zack and Miri make a porno, His scene when he put his hands in the peas and then said I don’t need no gun I kill these mutha f’ers with my hands made me piss myself. And in Z&M when the guy came up to him and said Coffee,Black and he Responded F You, White! lol i still cry thinking about it. This dude is funny as hell and I can’t wait to see this.

  2. Sounds good to me. I love Robinsons ability to play his roles down and still be funny. I think he does the best role (togheter with Franco) in Pineapple for example. Even if his character isn’t the most spaced out and outrageous!

  3. indeed, the premise seems alot of fun & has Kevin Smith vibe around it. Imagine you’re struggling to get your daily biz on the move while trying to cope with impending rapture at the same times. At last… an original idea

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