The Superbowl Trailers!

I’m guessing those of you who haven’t been watching the Superbowl will want to see the trailers eh? Well, Ian has got you covered! I even stayed up late (in Ireland anyways) just for you guys! Heres the trailers for some of the most wanted films of the summer.

Here we have Transformers Dark Side of the Moon, and I have to say, its jumped up my list of films to see. Looks pretty good to me! Plus the siren audio thing is kinda cool. What Bots do you guys see?

You guys like??
Heres the next entry to the Fast and the Furious franchise, Fast Five. It looks okay, I hope its better then the last one anyways. It has the Rock, so theres a big help already!

Heres the spot for Priest, which looks like it might be your typical run of the mill sci fi thing, but might end up being okay!

This is the pretty amazing trailer for Battle LA. Reminds me of District 9, not a bad thing.

Heres new animation Rio, by the guys who made Ice Age.

Heres Super 8 for that guy who thought I was Rodney (I’m way cooler, man)

Cowboys and Aliens looks okay to me, not fantastic by any means though.

Annnnd finaly, Courtesy of Yahoo we have the two marvel superhero flicks. Thor looks stunning in my oppinion, I cannot WAIT to see it. That dude oozes god.

Its about time, aye? Finaly, we see the Cap in action! Looks great! Pretty cool seeing him as a young skinny guy too.

So International Friends, which ones are your favourites? What trailers suprised you? Which just cemented that your NOT going to see the full release? Personally I loved the hell outa the Marvel ones, but thats just my comic geekery coming out!

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44 thoughts on “The Superbowl Trailers!

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  3. not bad all around…im getting worried bout battle for LA those trailers are too good..ive been foiled too many times with cool looking trailers…same thing with transformers. i agree, it was an amazing teaser, but so was the teaser for part 2, and i (no matter my blind fanboyism of tformers) cant watch it sober.

    cap is looking great tho, i like the skinny rogers and the red skull clip made me smile. marvel looks like they are trying to bridge the continuity which is good. thor looks ok…the normal world dialogue seems bad to me, but the asgard and action pieces look fun…should be an interesting summer

  4. Damn, my poor wallet is going to take a beating. Thanks Ian for posting these! Can’t wait to get my nerd on for Transformers, Thor and Captain America.

  5. In the Capt A. trailer seeing that bowler cap and stache on Dum Dum Dugan makes me a special kind of happy in my pants.

    Oh and in the TF trailer those tendrals going through the earth made me thing of one thing UNICRON! But i think they make more of a Galactus type and instead of just munching on the planet he uses devices to drain the planet of its energy.

  6. not impressed with the commercials this year at all. As far as movies….
    1. I wasn’t expecting much but the TF3 trailer looked dam good.
    2. Cowboys and Aliens looks lame
    3. Super 8 looks great
    4. Battle LA …..
    5. Fast and the lame 5 with more Rock…i dont smell what he has been cooking
    6. the rest are crap

  7. cowboys and aliens has enough big names alright, but I’m not so sure about it. I can suspend my disbelief and totally get into a story about aliens attacking the wild west, and having one dude have insider tech that helps some sort of revolution. But jumping from the back of a horse onto a speeding spaceship, and landing it, just looks dumb, and is dumb.

  8. Ian…you missed four.

    ‘Limitless’ w/ Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro (no interest)

    ‘Mars Needs Moms’ (meh)

    and are you anti-Johnny Depp? (kidding) still, Where’s ‘Rango’ and ‘Pirates 4’? I’m really jazzed about Rango, and I think everyone will flock to Pirates for a Jack Sparrow/Barabosa and mermaid fix…

    AS for what we see here:

    Transformers. Not a huge fan of the franchise, but it looks alright.

    Fast Five: The Furious films have always gotten a mixed reaction from me…but I actually got pumped for this. You said it- The Rock Johnson is a HUGE draw to this film. All I can say is, if they promise a Johnson-Diesel smackdown, they had better deliver.

    Priest- Zero intrest what-so-ever.

    Battle LA- nice. I’ll probably see it. Michelle Rodreguiez is in it; that’s enough excuse for me.

    Cowboys & Aliens – I might see it. Still trying to muster interest.

    Rio – No interst. I guess it was was when the bird hits the booty and then we are promised 3D. Y’know?

    Super 8- Will see it.

    Thor- Love it. Even if it was a stand alone film not Avengers related I would love it. It is, so I love it more.

    Cap- I like this because some of this could be early footage (one blink of Red Skull!) and it focuses on OP Rebirth. Not as attention grabbing as his Avengers pal above, but its enough to get some interest.


  9. Thor, Captain America, and Super 8 were my favorites. I’m still eager for the X-Men: First Class trailer. The film is coming out in June, so shouldn’t we have seen a trailer by now.

  10. loved, loved the transformer 3 trailer, i wet my pants, kind of good. i loved both prev TF movies, and i cant wait for the next one. if i could buy my ticket now, i would. it looks like this is gonna be an imax experience for me.

    fast five: it won me over knowing the rock and vin diesel are gonna throw down, and i want rock to beat him down.

    i enjoyed super 8, very curious.

    thor has me interest, but not in a “im gonna catch it at midnight showing”,yet.

    capt. america, i was so looking for ward to it, and it didnt dsappoint, i just hope they clean up the big head small body cgi. im sure they wll, but i am really looking foward to it.

    1. haha, I thought the skinny body looked cool, but it did make his head look too big!

      This film is gonna resonate with all the skinny geeks like me.

      I’ve never read the comics but I’m assuming that they use super syrum on him? I hope he doesn’t transform into the superhero physique in like a couple hours or something, but hopefully over months or so. An immediate transformation would be way to much like the green goblin in spiderman.

      1. due to film time, i hope the montage it to give you months of growth, but they may also give you the “hotdog” version. put him in a boiler, and he’ll plump if you cook em. haha

  11. All right, here’s my impressions, since I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, due to the fact that I’m not really that big of a sports or football fan.

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    I like the fact that Bay and the crew are making it look like Earth literally goes to Hell in a handbasket with this film. Can’t wait to see how this turns out, since I loved the last two. (Yes, I did like Revenge of the Fallen, deal with it.)

    Fast Five
    Never watched the previous Fast and the Furious movies, and I’m not really that interested. I’ll skip.

    Not really sure what to make of this one. I might watch it if there’s nothing else playing that I want to see at the time it comes out.

    Battle: Los Angeles
    Looks like this is a repeat of the Revenge of the Fallen vs. District 9 thing we had back in 2009, in which two alien battle movies came out in the same year within a month of each other, but this looks interesting, I’ll check it out.

    Looks kind of cute, but I’ll probably like Cars 2 better, being the massive Pixar fan I am.

    Super 8
    To be honest, I’m not really a huge J.J. Abrams fan, judging by the fact that in general, I’ve really never been that interested in his stuff. I didn’t like Mission Impossible III, (or the first and second one for that matter) I didn’t see Star Trek, and I’ve never watched Lost or Alias, but I was interested in Cloverfield, and really liked it, and this looks pretty interesting as well. Looks kind of like an unofficial sequel to Cloverfield.

    Cowboys and Aliens
    A team-up of Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Jon Favreau in which cowboys fight aliens? Dude, sign me up!

    Never read the comics, but this looks kind of cool, I guess. I’ll check it out, being the big Marvel fan I am.

    The First Avenger: Captain America
    Never read these comics either, but as a die hard, apple pie eating, red white and blue loving, patriotic American, I am obligated to see this. Hopefully, this will be better than the Captain America movie we got back in the 90’s.

  12. I was impressed by Transformers and especially Captain America. 30 seconds isn’t enough. Guess I have to wait for the full trailer. As for the other ones, they seemed to be condensed versions of the full length trailers that have been available for some time (especially Battle L.A. which looks cool by the way). They could have saved $3 million on that 30 second spot.

      1. LOL, sorry Ian, i was in a rush of beer.

        I heard that J.J. Abrahms dont want any post of the trailer online, and that sounds like the kind of stupid things he always do just to keep all “TOP SECRET”, thats why i was asking

      2. Well, i saw the spot of Super 8, and i didnt found anything great on it, not even a doubt about the plot, i think J.J. is following the same path of M.Night Shyamalalalala or whatever, he is doing just movies putting his name on the front, just assuming thats all they need, and then….”The Horror”, and maybe Michael Bay should stop being so cocky too, because Transformers have no script or good story, just action and eye candy and maybe we are done with that by now, and of course… MEGAN fOX is an important part of the franchise success… and now she´s not around =(.

        Captain America looks “good” not great so far, and Red Skull is extremely well done, not just a skull painted in red and not so Freddy Krueger, that´s cool.

        Thor…mmm…mmm… let´s wait a little more.

        and the other ones are just as i expected, so thanks for work on the weekends “IAN”, and yes, you are way much cooler than Rod just because you didnt insult me just for my mistake.

      3. You might have lost some credibility when you say Michael Bay is only about the eyecandy, then criticizing that Megan Fox was “important”

        She was just more eyecandy, nothing more. At least her replacement appears to have plot involvement instead of “I need a car to impress the hot girl” as a reason for Sam to find Bee.

        The rest of the movie she was just looking hot and being pointless.

      4. I agree with you “ROD”, Megan Fox was just an eye candy, thats for sure, she didnt know a bit of acting, agree, but maybe the “script” said something like…”Mikaela stands by her wrecked car, looking steamy and sweaty…. Sam arrives to help her”

        I guess her character was mean to be pointless since the beggining, just to fit the old formula of “sport cars and hot girls”, the perfect straight guy magnet, and of course, Fox can NEVER be casted for Black Swan or anything like that, she is (or was) just the girl of the moment, beautiful and desirable, nothing more, and thats why whe she gets skinny she was dumped of the project, also she didnt want more “Body Shots” like the one of the car or the one in the Motorbike.

        So, according of what you said “…At least her replacement appears to have plot involvement instead of “I need a car to impress the hot girl” as a reason for Sam to find Bee. “…. WHY MICHALE BAY CAST A VICTORIA´S SECRET ANGEL WITH NO EXPERIENCE ON ACTING ???

      5. Not sure what you are trying at with Capitalizing my name and quoting it. My name is Rod. Heard all the demeaning jokes on the playground before I was six. Really no need for that.

        And yes, Bay did cast a VicSecret model who isn’t an actress, but the character she plays is one from Transformers TV show lore who is a Scientist. Carly was attending MIT while Spike still wasn’t even old enough to drive. She’s super smart. At least her character will have some purpose in the movie that is more important than leaning over a motorcycle in a crop top.

        How well she does it remains to be seen, but at least they are playing to the lore of the original series.

        And she’s pretty.

      6. LOL, sorry again Rodney, i put your name in the middle of the “” just because i start my post thinking that,as usual, you wrote it, then Ian complain for the mistake and take the credit, so when you join in i reply in that way to avoid more confusion… but i fail miserably, it wasnt my intention to make fun of your name, i always call you Rod, but i understand your point, and im sure you have heard all the jokes about phallic references, please forgive the translation issue.

        But back to topic… if the girl character is more important for the story this time, and if she is a scientist whith(presumably) more important lines in the movie, why he didnt cast at least a regular actress to give more credibility?, and thats why i start all this, because Michael Bay doesnt give a shit about the acting, just the look of the girl and shaky camera, and in that point i must say that yes, Rosie Huntington is very pretty and can make it well, and based on that Megan Fox did her job perfect too, because they just have to be gorgeous and nothing more, thats what the director ask for, he want a hot girl in a hot car to sell his movie, and he did it just well, he never sold it as Shakespeare or Dostoyevski, but lets wait and see if the newbie can make us forget Megan´s hot body and bad acting.

    1. I like to think more that Bay is focusing on making the Bots the real stars (even the celebrities in this movie KNOW its about the robots and they are the supporting actors)

      And frankly, a VicSecret model is no worse or better than Fox. Fox ripped up her own ticket in this. Rosie can’t be worse. (I hope)

  13. Good job Ian, I agree Bay suprised me with that teaser. Looks damn good, MichaelBay’s site has it in HD or something cause the resolution is very good. What did you think about Cap, Ian? Doesn’t look bad and I noticed Hugo pulling off his mask to reveal Red Skull underneath. Looking forward to the full trailer of Transformers and Cap.

    1. Captain looks great to me, I was really suprised! Yeah I saw that skull, very interesting and as for Transformers, I did not expect to be wowed by it, so maybe thats why I was.
      Here’s hopin he supposed Blockbuster Bloodbath is FULL of great movies!
      Which was your favourite?

      1. I’m a big Captain America fan and I’m very hyped to see anything but it wasn’t my favorite. Transformers was, it just has a totally different tone than the pervious movies. It looks epic and serious. Cap is right after Transformers. Although I wished they would have gave us a little more Super to go with the soldier. When he was running in the woods, it looked as if he was running at the same speed as others on the battle field. I think he should have been running a little faster. It’s cool that he’s carrying a gun though. I liked the part were the Professor tells Steve to stay who he is, a good person. That statement is Cap in a nut shell. I can’t wait for the full trailer though.

      2. Same here. I’m only after recently reading some captain americas, from issue 15 to 50, when bucky took over so I’m pretty new to him (and comics in general) But from little stories and things ive read, he’s growing on me. My only problem is when he says “I feel taller” it reminds me of Lucas Lee from scott pilrgim EVERY TIME!

        Also, any good captain stories you’d recomend? Particularly newer ones, as I’m not really into the old corny stuff with the dodgy art.

      3. Yeah, here are a couple of Captain America arc that were great. In the eighties Roger Stern(writer) and John Byrne(artist and co-plotter) did some great stuff throughout issues 247-255. John Ney Rieber(writer) and John Cassaday(artist) did some great work on Captain America vol 4, # 1-6. Both arcs have great writing and art. Look for the trade paperbacks if you can find them Ian, it’ll save you some bucks.

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