Kneel Before Ursa…and Lois Isn’t AWOL

The other day, our own Anthony was shocked there will be no Lois Lane in the Superman Reboot. However, that’s not etched in stone. But today’s Man Of Steel news does one better. You will kneel before Ursa. No, there is no Zod. Just… well, according to the folks over at Latino Review

LatinoReview has been alerted by a most trusted reliable source that two things are going to occur.

1: Lois Lane WILL be in the film.
2: The character these lovely actresses have come out for is none other than a Kryptonian villainess who is going by the name of URSA.

The character had been invented for the Richard Donner films, but in recent years has cropped up in the comics pages. That’s not unusual- some characters created for live action adaptations do sometimes wind up in related tie-in media. I think back o the shortlist, and I hope Rosamund Pike…but y’know *if* this is true- and arrows are indeed pointing to this out of the box direction-I would think Keira Knightley would have been the strongest contender.

But I’m thinking Ursa might be a better foe to Superman that we think, it would be interesting to see where this goes.

Will you kneel before Ursa?

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22 thoughts on “Kneel Before Ursa…and Lois Isn’t AWOL

  1. Keira Knightley does actually bear a resemblance to that actress… lol. That said, she’s never done an action movie that’s made me think she’s great at doing action movies… but I she’s never been the villain in one of them, either. She’s a pretty good actress, so as long as the character is well written, I’m sure she could make it work.

    As for Lois Lane… I wish Superman would move on from that character :p


    (Part of me would also like to see at least a re-imagining of Clark Kent the journalist, or even a complete change. It sort of made sense decades ago, when journalists would have access to so much more information in the world, but in the era of the internet, blogs, 24 hour news, etc. Clark Kent could be a farmer and still have access to all the same information — he’d be better off in terms of knowing when the disaster struck by creating a Google Alert than he would just working for the Daily Planet.)

  2. Superman Returns bombed? It made more domestically than Batman Begins! But anyway, Ursa may not be the main villain, or could be used to foreshadow Zod in a sequel, who knows?

    1. When I first wrote the post, it was on the Ursa news alone – and I was going to quote a link from another source. Then I saw an update on he misunderstanding regarding Lois Lane and a report on Diane Kruger denying her involvement. Latino review mentioned two of the three, so that was who I quoted with an updated headline and some editing.

      The Ursa news is not a rumor. It’s legit. The misunderstanding with Lois is understandable.

      1. A rehash of the Reeve movies would be a mistake. It bombed the last time out (Superman Returns) . I’d rather see something new and original from Zack Snyder …A reboot of Superman following the same way Chris Nolan did for Batman Begins is the right way to do it.

      2. I agree, a rehash would be a bad idea. As long as they dont do something retarded like they did in Superman Returns with the idea of the Superkid. Sorry, that was just plain retarded, dunno who came up with that script or idea but he needs his ass kicked.

      1. It would be a mistake to include Ursa and not Zod. He is the more interesting of the two, and she was originally created to accompany him in superman 2.

        1. Ursa appears in Superman (78) along with Non and General Zod (as Superman ll was intended to shoot back to back with l before Donner was replaced). While Snyder has said Zod will not be in THIS picture, if Ursa is in this picture, it would not surprise me in the least if Zod appears in the next film. Or, at the very least, we know there is that possibility.

      2. Consider this.

        People are always complaining that there is no originality left in Hollywood, but those people are often the same ones who cannot accept that something might be different and unique.

        Just because Ursa is in it, doesn’t mean there is a Zod in the shadows.

        Maybe in this iteration, Ursa is the only survivor of the trio, out for revenge out of sworn duty to the fallen General Zod? Why can she not stand on her own?

        That might be considered creative despite building on an existing character.

    1. The three contenders for the role are Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike.

      Olivia Wilde is the new Matt Damon. Seems every female role that comes up people just name drop her, much the way Damon used to be rumoured for everything.

      1. I will pick Diane Kruger or Rosamund Pike, they have this villainess smoldering quality in them. I even gonna pick both of them for Emma Frost if there is an Astonishing X-Men movie. And we will sure kneel before them :P
        Out of topic, if Olivia Wilde is the new Matt Damon, what make Natalie Portman of today?

      2. Portman has always been as busy as she wants to be. She’s Oscar Buzz right now, but not the “it girl” of the moment.

        Oliva Wilde seems to be the goto pick for fanboys to be in ANYTHING with a female supporting role lately.

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