Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne Johnson

That title alone has Wrestlemania written all over it, but instead I’m talking about the fight scene that takes place in the upcoming Fast 5! Collider has a cool interview with producer Neal Moritz about his myriad of projects and things got really interesting when discussing the upcoming release of Fast 5 and specifically a fight between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson’s characters in the movie.

“They beat the shit out of each other, we shot for probably four days of them literally beating the shit out of each other. The audience is gonna be like ‘wow’.

“It was something that we had to conceive, obviously, then we had to work out how we’re actually gonna do the fight, then we had to bring the stunt guys in to rehearse it, then we had to bring Vin and Dwayne in to rehearse it and then we shot it and it goes up, down, through walls, through windows, it’s one hell of a fight. And it’s probably like a 5-minute fight.”

I’m sure Vince McMahon is somewhere squirming for not imagining this match up himself. Physical fights seem so out of place, for me, in this series but this news about the attention they paid toward this match-up has added something extra for me to look forward to in this movie aside from the usual car-porn. I really think Dwayne could become a leading action actor and I’m soo ready for this match-up, who else is ready?

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6 thoughts on “Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne Johnson

  1. I think Vin Diesel won this one. Overall, Johnson dominated, but when the fight was broken up, Diesel was about to hit him over the head with what looked like a wrench.

  2. Well lately it seems that Dwayne is going the action route and steering away from kid films. Faster was not a kids film as he went around killing people and seeking revenge. Plus aren’t there rumors that he is supposed to be cast as Black Adam for the Captain Marvel live action film? And Vin Disiel also has had his share of kiddie films, I’m predicting that three minutes of the fight will be a stare down between the two. As a matter fact that pic posted is actually the first three minutes of their encounter.

  3. I could never understand the direction dwanye went in with his movies

    He could have been the biggest action star this decade, yet he went and did kiddy films?!

    Heres hoping he starts to get the roles and chooses the roles most of us want to see the rock in.

  4. lets get this straight. this fight is the ONLY reason im watching this movie. the previous film was ok. but when i heard the casting of dwayne johnson and tht he will be chasing vin, i got chills. ive been waiting for vin to face an opponent that can and prob kick his butt from pillar to post. im excited to hear about this. make it longer, like roddy piper vs keith david long type fight,haha

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