Death Note Remake Not so Dead

There looks to be movement on the American remake of Death note according to Shock Till You Drop with Shane Black (director of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) directing.

Warner Bros. has made some movement on the long-gestating remake of Death Note.

American redo rights were acquired in mid-2009 and despite many of the casting rumors, none of them were true. The studio tapped Charley and Vlas Parlapanides for a script, however, there have been some changes behind the scenes.

I haven’t read the manga, but have seen the 3 films (Death Note, Death Note: the Last Name and L: Change the World) and found them to be very interesting. The movies also bring up a lot of ethical questions that question what is right and wrong.

Now I’m not against remakes whatsoever but I’m not sure what they can do that hasn’t been covered in the films/manga, but I am looking forward to seeing what happens, anyone else?

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14 thoughts on “Death Note Remake Not so Dead

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  2. Can someone post it to d main forum of hollywood cinema if it is possible to keep Kenichi Matsuyama as L only in the hollywood remake also coz he exactly matched the character of L.The srd deathnote movie based on L ‘ s last 23 days, he did a fantastic job.Noone can match him accordin to me!

  3. I hope they think of casting Kenichi Matsuyama for L in this Death Note movie also. I can’t see anyone being L as great a actor as he is. Not to mention doing everything it take to become L

  4. I hope the movie remake will follow the plot and storyline of the manga. I was pretty upset about the anime and the movie being different, but I guess they probably will change it a bit (or a lot) to fit it into around 2 hours.

    Maybe they should do a mini-series…

  5. I’ve seen the anime. It was ok, but I really think there’s better material to adapt an anime into a film. Cowboy Bebop would be amazing, but would probably need at least 2 films. Something like Witch Hunter Robin would make an excellent and realistically do-able adaption, either as a movie or a TV show.

  6. I actually was surprised that i liked the first movie, I went into it thinking that it was going to be a suckfest but I enjoyed it. I have hope that this could be entertaining because it is a good storyline

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