New Pics of Spiderman Swinging Around

A bunch of new pics have appeared online showing spidey either in disguise (a poor one, mind you) or just being a cold stuntman, and spidey on top of a truck and swinging around it. From On Location

The above image is Andrew Garfield in the suit with the stuntman in a black jacket.
I can kind of picture it, and its pretty sweet seeing actual human Spiderman swinging about, as opposed to all CG. Nothing compares to the real thing if you ask me. Seems like this stunt man can do some of the flexy shapes you need to be Spidey!
There will apparently be more filming done tonight so we might get more shots tomorow.
Hope you enjoy these early images!

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10 thoughts on “New Pics of Spiderman Swinging Around

  1. I *love* pictures like these — they’re pretty awesome. The behind-the-scenes stuff, when it’s great stunt work like this, is just awesome. I suppose we never really see this kind of stuff because so few studios will commission big action movies that aren’t big-time CGI affairs, never-mind web slinging affairs (which isn’t to suggest there won’t be a fair deal of CGI in this movie, but at least we know that they’ll go out of their way to ‘keep it real’).

    I’m actually looking forward to this film, and have been since I heard of the Director, and then the cast. I was upset they ditched Raimi at first, but at least it looks like there’s going to be a real vision here and that these movies will probably stand on their own as something both different and yet still compelling.

  2. Pictures three and four are iconic poses and they motivated the hell out me for this flick. The more i see of stuff like this the more the suit grows on me (not that I was against it in the first place).

  3. Curious to see how they come out on screen, cause the one thing that made the CGI digestable in the Raimi versions was the “Spidey-cam” and how wonderfull the swooping and dropping of that camera tied it all together.

    time will tell

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