Christopher Lee returning for the Hobbit

It’s like I’m hearing one of my favorite bands are getting back together for one more tour. It look s like the White Wizard will return for the Hobbit as JoBlo, and Christopher Lee’s official site are reporting that Peter Jackson has secured Christopher Lee to reprise his role as Saruman and filming is expected to begin next month.

A post on Christopher Lee’s official website reads:Slowly but surely, Peter Jackson has managed to secure the return of the majority of the major stars from The Lord of the Rings franchise for his soon to be shooting prequel, based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit

Sir. Christopher Lee had been in talks to reprise his role as the wizard Saruman and it now looks certain, providing that he is in good health, that he will be appearing in the movie.

I think this is great news! These guys devoted years of their lives to ingrain Middle-Earth into their minds while filming the Lord of the Rings Trilogy so I really don’t think that there are many out there that are better prepared or more enthusiastic about reprising these roles for the Hobbit, but the question for me is “Why are so many people returning?” My understanding is that they’ve secured Ian McKellan for Gandalf, Andy Serkis as Gollum, but there’s also Elijah Wood as Frodo and Orlando Bloom is rumored to return as Legolas. And if memory serves correct there’s an older rumor that we’d see a certain Ranger cameo in the films as well.

I’m probably one of those guys that you want to punch in the face because I never read the Hobbit or the Lord of the rings, but from what friends have shared with me there’s really no place for Frodo, Legolas, or Aragorn in this film. How do you guys  feel about the possibility of them taking some liberties with the story for the theatrical release? I really hope they find a creative way to bridge the films in an appreciable way but I can’t imagine what they have in mind.

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6 thoughts on “Christopher Lee returning for the Hobbit

  1. This is great news. Matty was quite close with his recolection. While Bilbo and Co. are stuck in Mirkwood, Gandalf, Galadriel, Elrond, Saruman and various others, conveine the “White Council” to deal with the threat of the Necromancer of Mirkwood Forest. That is the part that is being introduced to the movies.

    No Viggo confirmation and it wouldn’t make sense as his character is only about 15 at the time. Legolas again, as emntioned, could easily make an appearance as his father is indeed the King of the Elves of Mirkwood.

    It sounds like the Opening scenes of both movies will be Ian Holm (older Bilbo) telling the story (the Movie via flashback) to Elija Wood (young Frodo).

    This is shaping up to be a great movie. We just need Hugo Weaving to finally sign on as Elrond and maybe get the same actor who played Celeborn to reprise their roles!

  2. Well it is Hollywood so thats just how it goes. Frodo could be used to bridge the gap i suppose. Legolas is the son of the king and Bilbo and the dwarves are captured by them so it would make sense that Legolas was there when that all happened. The only odd man out would be Aragorn. Itll be great regardless i am sure and only nerds like me will know the difference.

    1. In the Hobbit, Gandalf leaves Bilbo plus the dwarfs at the edge of Mirkwood forest to deal with a growing threat (ie: Sauron). I can’t remember where I read this, but apparently he has a meeting with Saruman and the rest of the Istari (ie: the wizards of middle earth).

      And thats why we have Christopher Lee coming back =p

      To all involved; please hurry up and make this film. I’m sure he’s got some eerie magic laying around somewhere to come back from the dead, but Christopher Lee isn’t exactly getting any younger

  3. Considering the whole second movie is pretty much based on notes and liberties to fill on the holes I think it’s ok that they take the liberties. the movies should be able to stand on their own without the books, I have faith in peter jackson.

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