‘X-Files 3’ – A Conspiracy With No Script

Every so often, the news of a new ‘X-Files’ movie crops up. Every so often, the masses get updates. Then a wait. Rinse, wash, repeat. Kind of like the previous film. Speaking of which, Shock Til You Drop reports:

Duchovny, who was quoted in the foreign press saying a script is being written (that turned out to be false), spoke to Showbiz Spy about the possibility of the next film and he said that Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson are ‘game.’

“We’re all like this little X-Files family and I, for one, would love to continue. It’s just a matter of spending enough on a movie that can compete in the summertime. We made a movie and released it in the summer, but it wasn’t really a blockbuster movie. And it got kind of overshadowed by the bigger ones.”

Now, I did not despise the previous film. I didn’t think it was terrible by any means. I don’t think the fans of the show minded it that much. Compared to the 1998 film, then yes, it is a disappointment because the first film had bigger scope (it also was made and released during the peak of the TV series and that may have also played a factor)- but in and of itself, “I Want To Believe” isn’t a bad movie.

But the reasons why it didn’t do as well has nothing to do with how big of a budget it was. There are a lot of films that don’t have huge budgets as opposed to “big blockbusters” that do just fine. The main problems was simply ‘the fans’ being jerked around in between the wait not just from movie to movie, but from TV finale to second film; the main support base moving on when “Files 2” came out a few years ago and then the difference in scope. Add them together and that’s the fate of the previous film.

Now they say there is no script after they said one was being worked on. his tells me that they didn’t lie, but a draft may had been cooked up and thrown out like old chickenbroth. So now there is no script. Question: was was the primary delay over the previous film? Answer: they couldn’t decide on a story to show. It didn’t take long for people to lose interest. And the marketing campaign? Oh, right..what marketing campaign?

So I’m a doubter on this. But…if they go on with it? YES. Big budget and scope, alien cover up uncovered all-the-way. Otherwise, if you still want one? Direct to DTV. It’s not that I don’t want another ‘Files’ flick. I DO. The red flag is hoisted up high though, waving proudly in the air. We have heard this story before, and it wasn’t that cool then.

What do the int’l friends want? Anyone interested?

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