TV’s Dynasty to Prequel on Film?

Word is getting out fast that the 80s TV series Dynasty is the latest project that will revamped into a feature film, as a prequel! Thee Huffington Post reports:

‘Dynasty’ may be getting its next chapter. On film.

The massive 1980’s soap opera about a rich oil family in Colorado ran from 1981-1989, registering as the number one show on television in 1985. The show’s creator, Richard Shapiro, who said that the film is very much on — but will be a prequel, set in the 1960’s.

So, when roles are recast they will really be looking for someone to play younger versions of the characters who will backstab and conspire against one another at the drop of a hat. Generally, I don’t care. As I gave it some thought, I wouldn’t mind at all. Just as long as we get some ladies getting out some anger management issues.

Lookit, I know few of you care. But someone does. I’ll even make this fun. Who’s good for a young Alexis (Joan Collins)? See? I told you this can be fun!

Have a blast, int’l friends.

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