First Look at Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

The story of Judge Dredd is what lets us forgive the overly stylized and impactical outfits presented in the comic book. And while the Sylvester Stallone version in the 90s toned it down a tiny bit, it was still hokey and the film itself was not good.

Now they are remaking the movie, and we get our first look at the Street Judge’s uniform, and its not all that bad. (I put the Stallone version below it for comparison)

The helmet is a little more true to the comic with its badge logo and x pattern over the visor, but the exaggerated body armour has been toned down to something more realistic that a future version of a cop with the power of a judge jury and executioner would wear.

I mean, it can’t be as bad as the Stallone Dredd, so we at least got that going for it!


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17 thoughts on “First Look at Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

  1. After watching lots of remakes of movies I find that the designers don’t often let viewers down. The first appearance of Judge was in the ‘2000 AD No. 2’ on the 5 March 1977 and I feel that they’ve cleverly and creatively toned down the outfit to a more current design which we can all relate to rather than an extremely aged design that was undoubtfuly brilliant for its time. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it and today I’d expect a more open minded approach towards the new. Its also rare to find Karl Urban doing a crappy movie and I find the new super hero movies to epic and tend to go beyond what is expected. I rate this will be an epic!!!

  2. no matter what u do to the Judge dredd armour, don’t ever ever take away or change the shoulder armours…it’s what makes his uniform, the image of judge dredd, what people wants to see…look at the comics. with due respect, i don’t like the karl urban uniform one bit except for the helmet which is superior to stallones. put back the shoulder amours to urban’s dredd uniform, bring back the full hand armour plus anckle amour (gadgetised), and make his boots plus the kneel armour more metalically exergirated and gadgetised, make sure that his crotch pad (golden metal) is in place, make his bike gadgetied and transformable and the people would go crazy and dying to see the movie soonest after they watch the trailer. u realy want to sell… then please the young (1-25) and thyoung in mind as they because they like gadgets…exactly what they want to see.

  3. I like the idea of Urban as Dredd, but I think they might have toned down Dredds outfit a little too much! Where are the big golden shoulder pads/armour?! Will have to wait and see it in its full glory!!

  4. Hyjacking a public service droid 5 years,

    but they had guns in there how was I supposed to get out

    You could have went out the window

    Thats 20 stories, its suicide


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