New Yogi Bear Posters Online

Some new posters are out for the upcoming mostly live action Yogi Bear film, but judging by these posters I would have thought the whole movie was CG animated.

They still look creepy to me. I was hoping those first images were going to get tweaked (they have) but Yogi just doesn’t translate well visually. Maybe in full motion he will be more seamless.

Still, this is aimed at a demographic that has to hold hands to cross the street, so honestly I think its doing its job.


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One thought on “New Yogi Bear Posters Online

  1. Hello everybody, just got home from a “free” sneak peak of the new Yogi Bear movie put on for the military at a local base. Here is my review, I was knee deep in kids and I still enjoyed it. Had to surrender my phone so as to not leak anything, so I will try to paint with words. I know it was Dan Aykroyd but I did not hear his voice it sounded like Yogi to me, same for Timberlakes BooBoo. I saw it in 2D as that is what the military facility had. CGI was well done, by that I mean not over done. The kids where all laughing and at the right spots too. Very classy effort and I hope for more in other members of the Hanna Barbera stable. WB did a nice job with the smarter than the normal bear by infusing some pic-a-nik grabbing contraptions like the Baskit nabber 2000. At the end of credits it states ” No bears were harmed in the making of this movie”. I took a small poll from the wee folk and got 2 thumbs up from everybody, so on that and my own impressions “take yourself and any wee folk you know for a good time” suggest over 4 yrs old for keeping attention span for 1 1/2 hrs.

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