Matthew Goode as Superman?

The Superman Casting rumours are getting out of control now. It seems people are just throwing names in just to say names now.

The latest wild rumour is saying that 180lb Matthew Goode could be up for the role.

RamaScreen says:

Word has it WB and director Zack Snyder are looking for someone who isn’t well known yet, someone in the age range of 28-to-32. Names like Arnie Hammer, Joe Manganiello, Ian Somerhalder came up, movienewz got another one for ya, Matthew Goode.

There is also word that because Matt Goode lacks ANY physical physique to pass as Superman, it would be CG enhanced and would add to the mystique of the smaller appearance of Clark Kent and have Supes be physically larger. Like an illusion.

Hearing that alone makes me discard this as wild speculation and some fabricated rumour.

Goode doesn’t have the physique, and I don’t want to see a Superman that magically transforms to a physically larger man. That’s always been part of the genuine aspect of Superman. He wears the costume under his street clothes and has to use superspeed to change into the Big Blue Boyscout away from prying eyes.

And Goode is a fine actor, but there are so many better options out there. Production is starting in about 7 months, so I am sure a name will be announced soon.

I’d like to see Routh get another shot, but I don’t see it happening. And no… not Tom Welling. This is not a Smallville movie.

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28 thoughts on “Matthew Goode as Superman?

  1. I think it all comes down to something like: This is not your fathers Superman.

    Everything you think Superman should look like, how he talks etc.. Will be thrown under the bus.

  2. This would be fine if they were making Captain Marvel. This is Superman though…Im convinced they will get a relative unknown who looks the part…if not, they might as well go back to Routh.

  3. Matthew Goode as superman. use CGI like the greenlantern. Yeah right. If they’re gonna use CGI for his body, might as well CGI his entire face to make him look like Brandon Routh. And they say Chris Nolan is overseeing this?! If this rumor is true then Christopher Nolan must have Alzheimers or something…maybe a cataract.

  4. It’s gonna be Brandon Routh. They are just smoke screening us now till they are ready to announce it. WB told Routh to get into uber Superman shape and sent him a body builder trainer. He will be Superman again. This is all just Internet hype.

  5. Strange. It’s as if they’re trying to throw us all off…

    I called it forever ago (yet I won’t get any credit) that it will be Joe Manganiello. I wish they would just hurry up and make up their minds already.

  6. TO WB: come on, he looks like green goblin or something like that, he cant be superman, please somebody do something; this guy is worst than all the other options, if you dont like the opinion of the people (tom welling) maybe you can just use your brain and put another guy, but no this guy, you just have to see the face in the picture. i hope this is a joke, or somebody have to make a call to singer, burton, spielberg, or another guy.

  7. I think Matthew Goode would be a great choice as Superman. Goes along perfectly with Bale as Batman. Goode is a talented actor. His performance in the Lookout was kick ass. He has that chameleon like ability. So he could transform himself into Clark Kent/Superman with ease. Plus the man is Six foot Two. So what he has to put on twenty to twenty five pounds. I mean that’s what actors do. Transform themselves Rodney. They are playing fictional characters that have many different incarnations. Superman has been drawn many different ways.

  8. rodney,

    reading your article i remembered something from the comics.
    (noted- i agree with everything you said on your article)

    the stupid glasses that he makes from crystals that landed on Earth at the same time he did, make him seem skinny and nerdy, but when he takes them off he looks all buff in his normal self… granted- this guy is small to begin with but like you said: they could be planning on CGIing him to be bigger instead of getting a buff actor and making him smaller.

    now, if they go that route- using the crystal glasses from the comics, i would kill myself. im just pointing out something they may be thinking about.

    although this seems like a shit idea, and he would make an abortion of a superman, and the shit-for-brains that thought of this rumor should be decapitated…. i must say i loved mr Goode as Ozymandias aka adrian in WATCHMEN

  9. It’s almost like they’re seeding rumours so that some options appear more attractive than other ones, for the sake of the lesser of two evils. The way I see it playing out is people will go “yay Routh” or “yay Welling” because they were glad it wasn’t someone ludicrous. I don’t consider either bad choices, but doing it this way would change the way expectations work. Don’t hype up the choice, that way high expectations won’t be set, just a “thank god it’s someone okay” mindset.

  10. I say shoot from left field!

    this was the guy with the weird tigers in Watchmen right, Ozimaydaias or something like that?
    he didn’t look puny in that Batman-esque costume. he kicked some ass in that one.

    It’s Zack’s monster this time around, give him some room and we could be suprised to see something new and inspiring this time out.

    just sayin’

      1. I see where your coming from, I dont think routh was a huge as he is now when he did Supe’s returns, BUT he was jacked up in Scott Pilgrim. Look, everyone will go ape shit no matter who is chosen. Reeve wasn’t jacked up either like these guys are today, but again, this Watchmen guy could be 5’8′ for all I know and then probally of course wouldn’t work.
        cany have Mrs. Lane tower over our Blue Boy here.


      2. Matthew Goode is Six foot two, and if Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, and a host of other actors can get jacked through supplements, roids, and personal trainers. I’m sure Mr. Goode could too.

  11. They gotta bring back Routh. He’s still basically an unknown.

    But Matthew Goode is a great actor. His performance in Watchmen was probably his worst, but he still managed to be one of the most interesting characters in the movie. If he got the part, I wouldn’t be upset.

    Still, I’d like Routh to get it. He’s the “right” guy for the job.

    1. That guy’s name is James Marsden, and he played Richard White in the previous superman. I think he’s a fine actor, but even his buddy Brian Singer didn’t even make him Superman, doubt he will get this one.

  12. I actually think this is a good idea. My wife and i just watched the movie Leap Year and he’s really good in it. There’s a little fight scene and there’s a shot of him bare chested as well, he’s not as small a man as you guys think. Besides, who can’t gain 20-30 lbs of muscle in a couple months in Hollywood these days?

  13. Snyder did work with Goode on Watchmen, so maybe he liked working with him and this will go through. im not thrilled by this idea but its not terrible i guess

  14. I don’t think I would mind Supes being strong without looking it. Maybe I’m insulting the comic book heritage and if so I’m sorry but something about superman being small might emphasize his alien nature. What could be more out of place than a runt who can throw a bus to the moon? What could be more Superman than him struggling with belonging. It’s also a good way to make him seem young. If done right I think this could work. Goode may not be right for the role but I’m not sure if this is a good reason.

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