Emily Blunt may join a Five Year Engagement

After Jason Segal finishes his Tour de Muppet, and it will return to an Apatow rom-com called Five Year Engagement, and his co-star is expected to be Emily Blunt.

Latino Review says:

The movie was described as a couple’s five year engagement with the break ups, cross country moves, meeting new people and fluidity of relationships without ever getting married.

This of course could induct Emily Blunt as a potential member of the Apatow Crowd (you gain membership by being in more than 2 Apatow directed/produced films) and once again proves that a goofy underachiever can score with a crazy hot supermodel of a woman.

And I live in an Apatow world.

I am looking forward to this as anything Apatow has his hands in interests me.

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