Disney to Develop Hover Car Racer

The latest in young reader books turned to film will be Hover Car Racer, a book that found humble beginnings in an online serial, then eventually a set of partially illustrated chidren’s novels written by Matthew Reilly.

Disney is developing it as a 3D adventure film.

/Film shares:

Walt Disney Pictures is developing Hovercar 3D, based on an online serial which resulted in a popular young-adult book series from the Australian novelist Matthew Reilly. The film project is being described as “a live-action techno-thriller” which follows a hovercar racer “tasked with escorting an informant to safety as the two come under fire from corrupt government operatives.”

I haven’t read the book series, but the description sounds interesting.

However the promo blurb for the book says that it is ” the most original novel yet” and I dare to challenge this statement.

Isn’t hovercar racing just like Pod Racing in Star Wars? Which was just Chariot Racing without wheels?

So while hovercar racing doesn’t sound very original, it promises to have a log of great visuals, action packed chase scenes. That alone will sell the movie.

Could be everything Speed Racer was (shuddap – I liked it) but without the monkey.

There isn’t a monkey is there?

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2 thoughts on “Disney to Develop Hover Car Racer

  1. As someone who has read HoverCar Racer (now a novel) and all of Matthew Reilly’s other books, this is definately different to Pod Racing in Star Wars, in part because in the novel it is an international sport similar to Formula One. It not only covers a young mans attempt to compete in this adult world, but also captures the egos and flash of that type of industry. In true Aussie fashion. this is a tale of the underdog competing against the establishment.

    Mr Reilly has a fabulous knack of writing books where the action literally leaps out of the page – everyone I have suggested read some of his more ‘grown up’ novels says they ended up reading their first one in a small number of long sittings. You simply can not put the thing down.
    Anyone interested should read Ice Station or Temple as a start.

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