Star Trek 2 Will Recycle Original Series Character – not Khan

The hotly anticipated sequel of JJ Abrams successfully rebooted Star Trek once teased they would be bringing back a rebooted Khan, but then they said no. Which is good because we dont want to see them rehash the old stuff anyways.

But now we get word that they ARE revisiting an Original Series character for the sequel. But it wont be anyone important…

“The story will focus on a classic Trek character. And when I say classic, I mean a character who appeared in season one of the original series, when Gene Roddenberry was in charge.” Devin’s source continued:

“It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named.”

I think its cute how he thinks that there are fans of The Original Series left.

How about you write something NEW!?!

I don’t even care about any of those lesser characters. They dont need it.

Star Trek did an amazing job completely starting again, respecting the past, starting over without ignoring it. Tough gig really, but they pulled it off. But instead of taking advantage of this rare opportunity to be original with this reboot of an “unrebootable” franchise, they are beating the horse dead and recycling old characters.

I don’t want to see ANY of the characters we have seen before outside of the Enterprise cast. Races, locales cultures etc.. sure… but why the HELL are they recycling old characters and their storylines?

We already saw how the story has been shifted to something entirely new. There is no reason to go back there. We just left.

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23 thoughts on “Star Trek 2 Will Recycle Original Series Character – not Khan

  1. Really! What’s the big deal in bringing back an TOS character? Are not every major characters in the new movie characters from TOS after all! So what’s really new here anyway except the story!

  2. I understand completely what he ment. He put forward his opinion and his opinion is completely wrong. I tend to somewhat agree about new characters but I also agree that the series is the same universe just a different timeline. The same people would still be around and it would make sense to show them in some form or another.

  3. i think people are making this out to be a bigger deal than it is…he never said it would be a main role, for all we know it could be a cameo to appease the forgetful gerryatrics that still like the original series.

  4. I think its a good thing to link the old with the new, a nod to the original is just a nice wee touch. I don’t think they will make this character(s) a big part of the sequel. Although I’d like to see more new stories, how about the Borg or Klingons being involved in this version.

    For me they are the best Alien creations ever in the Star trek universe.

    1. I totally agree with you. I want to see the Borg, Klingons, Bolians and some of the other great iconic alien species existing in the new movies.

      Strictly speaking they didn’t change all that much in the film. An alternate universe doesn’t mean that every character’s back-story changes. Not every life is affected by the events of another.

      By all means bring in some new characters/aliens, but don’t deny Star trek’s fantastic original creations. Mix them in, give them attention and most of all just dont look down on what came before. Thats what I (as a fan) want most of all!!!

  5. Fan of TOS here – Last time I checked I still had a heart beat and I’m not even 40 yet. As as far as I see it Star Trek fans have always lined up to see the movies. I don’t know anyone who is an actual fan who says they used to like those shows. We STILL DO! I still watch them.

    As long as the storyline is a good one why does it matter if they reach back for an old character from the first series to reintroduce to a new generation? Originality is fine but creativity can make something old new again. Sheesh!

  6. Why is there no love for Harry Mudd?! Wow, as a die-hard 30-something fan of the original Star Trek I’ve got to say Mudd was one of my favorite characters. When you saw him slink his way into an episode you know it meant that the future of the crew were in for some fun! I always thought that the character itself was a bit overacted but the “idea” of the character as a con-artist/medicine show front-man/jack of all trades/carpet bagger had GREAT potential and was just under utilized. I would love to see Mudd make a guest appearance in the next movie.

    Talosians?! Oh yeah! Bring IT ON!

  7. Excellent way to alienate a number of your fans with that “cute” comment!!!

    There are indeed many fans of the original Star trek series. Just because a movie remake/retelling comes along, doesn’t mean it wipes out what came before.

    The lack of enthusiasm in merchandise for the new movie shows me that in making the movie (and future franchise?) appeal to a wider audience they have lost something more meaningful longevity. Not saying thats a bad thing for box office takings, but will people remember these movies (I doubt it). I know thats not as important in todays throw away society, but surely it’s important to hardcore movie fans in general. We all recognise Shatner as Kirk, but will future generations remember Chris Pine????

    Keep the source material alive I say, but Harry Mudd????

    1. If sharing an opinion of a fanbase that has given up on its fandom is going to “alienate” my readers then they are at the wrong site.

      We have always prided ourselves on sharing opinions openly. That you feel there is still a fanbase out there for TOS is just not statistically founded. JJ’s Trek made more money than the last 6 Star Trek films combined. The shows all got canceled, and they long since decided that doing more Star Trek movies will never happen which is why they rebooted it.

      The fans stopped supporting the franchise. I am a big fan of Debbie Gibson’s music and still listen to it today, but I haven’t bought her last 4 albums. She isn’t as big a deal as she was in 1989.

      Star Trek fans fall into that “I used to like those shows” category now. They sure didn’t line up to see the movies.

      1. The problem is, your assumption was incorrect. There are still fans of TOS. I am in my late thirties and cherish the day I get a weekend to watch the Blu-ray’s of TOS that I purchased a while back. So yes, there are fans and we buy stuff.

        As for the fans giving up on TOS, excuse me, there hasn’t been any TOS content in ages. I don’t like TNG or other spin offs as much as the good old Kirk/Spock stuff.

        As far as I am concerned, the JJ Abrams Trek actually IS TOS! And I love it too!

        Anyway, it’s not so much that people don’t like other’s sharing opinions, I think it’s just that your incorrect and people are pointing that out. Anyone can have an opinion, right or wrong.

      2. I don’t see how being a fan of TOS means you have to watch anything new that is Star Trek related. That’s like saying you’re not a Star Wars fan anymore if you didn’t go see The Clone Wars film in theaters…

  8. “I think its cute how he thinks that there are fans of The Original Series left.”

    Last time I checked, my parents were still alive. So are my friend’s parents. There are still fans of TOS around, Rodney. They haven’t died, or given up on their show. Just because the fans of TOS are in their late fifties or older doesn’t mean they are irrelevant. Actually, most of those fans are just as thrilled with the new movie as the younger generation is.

    And if the new movie is going to revisit a minor character from ONE of the episodes, and if you’re NOT a fan of The Original Series, why the hell do you care? It’s new to you! It’s going to be pretty darn new to everyone else, too, from the way it sounds! They could EASILY write Gary Mitchell into the script without it having a thing to do with the episode he featured in originally.

    Don’t mistake fan service for unoriginality.

    1. Thank you RIGHT!?! There are so many classic movies and shows out there that no one has anything to say about, but it seems Star Trek gets so torn apart by others. If they present an old charachter it could work if done right. That’s what it all comes down to doing it RIGHT! And I’m in my 30s and I think the original is just FINE!

  9. “I think its cute how he thinks that there are fans of The Original Series left.”

    I think its cute that you made this ridiculous assumption.

    I DO agree that we need new characters and story ideas, however. Rehashing old stuff smacks of laziness. We have unlimited potential for exciting new stories with this reboot, I’d hate to see it wasted, especially on the characters named above. Harry Mudd? Please…

    By the way, one of the Next Generation novels posited that Trelane was actually Q’s son.

  10. There was a reason, other than time, that the character of Mudd was written out of the “Star Trek”relaunch.

    Gary Mitchell is interesting…but only if he’s not hit by the Barrier, gets ESP glowing eyes and so on. Knock me out and give the problem to another character. A main character – like Uhura or Scott. Then we are faced with an interesting outcome, aren’t we?

    The Horta…the mineral- rock tunnel blob. Oh, the excitement.

    Trelane is a bit “Q”-ish to me. And please, if you use ‘im, ditch the puruple.

    Talosians …hmmm….. now here’s where I part ways with Rodney a little. Yes, I, too would like someone new. But there is a big advantage storywise for the Talosians. More I think it over, the more I can see Talosians. Yeah. I’ll buy that. Big brains and all.

    Simply on the matter of what they can do, and how they go about doing them. With the “history” changed, Pike never went to Talos IV!

    There might be something there.

    I personally would like an appearance by Gary Seven myself, or perhaps Kang. But Talosians …? More I think it through, the more I’m diggiing it. I hope if they do bring back Trek classic characters for 2, Talosians is the way to go.

    Give Gary Mitchell a cameo, a nod to the base.

  11. I agree. I don’t want to see any of the old characters just to have a connection to the original series. That did a good job changing the universe just enough to make it interesting. We have a new Spock and new Kirk and a vastly different dynamic between the two. Spock has no home planet, there is no Vulcan to visit. He does have a love interest though(who’d have thunk it!). We also get to see Kirk become this great Captain because he’s not that yet. If they find new and interesting ways to interject these old characters then I’d give it a chance. But Harry Mudd for Harry Mudd’s sake, is just stupid because that character as it was played was annoying as hell.

    1. Interesting! I’m wondering if in star treks future, they don’t reshift the timeline back to normal, restoring vulcan, but if they do, then how can we explain Star Trek ever “happened”, in the first place?

  12. Interesting to say the least, I dont really know how I feel about them rehashing a character as long as the story isnt rehashed. If it were a guest star that was maybe on only a few episodes it does give them a chance to expand upon that character.

    As you say “The Original Series” was only 3 seasons? So this could be a great opportunity to tell some new stories, I’ll see it regardless but some fresh ideas would be great.

    1. I think you all over reacting before you see the story play out. Abram’s can can create a total new character out of a old character. I believe the old adversary slash friend of kirks “Gary Mitchell” will serve as great villiam like the joker dark knight who’s powerful and insane that bring all kinds moral challedges to the relationship of kirk and spock which the reboot focus on. To me Next Gen is played out maybe it time to go back to the old school trek.

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