Bieber’s Never Say Never Trailer Online

In front of thousands of screaming fans at the Staples Center in LA, Justin Bieber revealed his first trailer for the biopic of his own journey to pop stardom that looks more like a documentary than a fictional film.

We were originally told that this would be more of an 8Mile kind of film that paralells his story, but this looks like a genuine look at the young star’s rise to fame mixing old home videos, amateur performances and concert footage.

But for a kid who hit it big at such a young age, I suspect there will be about 13 minutes of “we knew he had talent” clips and about 80 minutes of concert footage and screaming teenage girls sprinkled with celebrity cameos.

I don’t hate the Beebs. He has one song I can name and its super catchy. I just think that most teenage girls are crushing on him, and most teenage boys woudln’t be caught dead looking like him. Make fun of all the Bieber wannabes out there, but those punks are the smart ones winning the girls in training bras.

In my day it was Debbie Gibson, but when badass became the new cool, those clean cut popstars just couldnt stay on top. Now it looks like cute and clean is making a comeback.

But I don’t see why this is in 3D. Concert footage might feel more real that way but are they converting his home videos to 3D too?

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3 thoughts on “Bieber’s Never Say Never Trailer Online

  1. I kinda get a life of ryan-vibe watching this.

    I have to agree with Rodney on all parts and all. Couldn’t they have done anything funnier (i.e 8mile) or something…

    Also I think it’s hilarious that this is a success-story of any kind. A white kid makes it in the music-industry coming from a ordinary home. I just don’t get it.

    1. You cannot deny the success this kid has had in his already short career.

      Whether he lasts is still up for debate, but honestly he was a talented young musician from a very small town in Ontario Canada and is now an international pop sensation.

      It is a success story. And it will be interesting to see how the circumstances of his life and the choices he made that got him to where he is.

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