Bruce Willis on Between Two Ferns

Normally I just don’t care for Zack Gallifinakis’ faux interview show online called Between Two Ferns, but his guests really are what makes the show. Check out this episode where he interviews Bruce Willis.

I love when he asks if Ashton is his favourite child.

Bruce is awesome.

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4 thoughts on “Bruce Willis on Between Two Ferns

  1. These are fun for about 3 shorts, when your kinda thinkin’ there probally half legit, once the curtain pulls up then they lose their bite.

    it’s like if people knew ALI G was goofin’ them.

  2. “but his guests really are what makes the show”

    This is hardly true. The only way they make the show is due what Zack comes up with to say about them. The one with Ben Stiller is probably the best.

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