Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

Liked the Joker said in The Dark Knight: “Here…we….go”. Director Christopher Nolan has finally given fans some details about the follow-up to The Dark Knight. Some of it may surprise you, some of it might not.

Collider says:

Director Christopher Nolan has spilled some revelations to Hero Complex about the upcoming film. First up, the next Batman movie will be titled The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan also tells Hero Complex that The Riddler will not be the villain in the third film. There have been reports that Killer Croc may be the villain, but that rumor came from Mark “in-no-way-trustworthy” Millar.

Finally, Nolan confirms what we already suspected: the film won’t be in 3D. Cinematographer Wally Pfister shares Nolan’s lack of enthusiasm for the technology. However, they’re both fans of IMAX and will “…instead use high-definition approaches and IMAX cameras to strike out on a different cinematic path…” Nolan filmed the intro of the Dark Knight in IMAX.

I like the title. I guess it hints at some sort of redemption for Bats, after that TDK ending. As for the Riddler not being a villain, I’m surprised. This makes it even more interesting, to see who the villain(s) will be. It might end up being a female villain after all, like the rumors have said. I guess we’ll have to wait and see until it’s decided. And as for no 3D, I’m glad. I’m not a big fan of 3D. And for a film like this, I prefer for them to end the trilogy with some cinematography continuity. Do the IMAX, but no 3D please.

What do you guys think of the title? You ok with no Riddler? You want 3D or IMAX?

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50 thoughts on “Batman 3 Titled The Dark Knight Rises; No Riddler, No 3D

  1. In Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”, he captured the audience’s attention by the title, plot and performances from all the cast members. The new title, “The Dark Knight Rises”, is very similar, but very intriguing. It leaves me wondering what the Dark Knight will rise to.
    As for the rumors about Batman’s new enemy, I am disappointed to hear there will be no Riddler as the villain. I feel the Riddler would be entertaining, especially since Jim Carrey’s performance as the Riddler in “Batman Forever” was outstanding.
    I like the idea of Nolan’s focus on another high-definition 2D Batman film because I don’t think 3D is necessary for this movie. “The Dark Knight” displayed great visuals and an amazing plot, so a similar approach should be emphasized for “The Dark Knight Rises”.

  2. All i have to say is this, Nolan is directing this movie. I am sure that no matter what vilain is going to be present he will do it his way, and based on the two previous movies it’s pretty clear that no metter what, The Dark Knight Rises is going to be an incredible movie. Probably oscar worthy once again.

    1. Same could be said for Spidey 1 & 2 .
      anyone remember what part 3 was like?

      “Mystic” Nolan or not
      Time will Tell
      If he pulls off another “Dark Knight” then we can get on our kness and throw rose pedals at his feet.

  3. First there was going to be a Riddler, Then No Riddler, Now Tom Hardy on IMDB is being Rumoured to play the Riddler and of yesterday he was listed for the part of Bullock…..There Taking us all for a ride, Of course theres going to be The Riddler and i really hope Jude Law is cast as Riddler but still there shows no sign of him being noticed…..Pull ya finger out Nolan, The perfect actor is waiting for the call….Team Law!!!

  4. Just wanna ask if anyone thought Killer Croc would be the villain since spideys going to fight connor in the re-boot. Would have been seriously bucked up if both would have had similar foes!

  5. That is a bad title! :( It doesn’t sound creative.

    I would’ve wanted to see The Riddler so we could
    get the detective aspect of Batman.

  6. its going to be the penguin and not as a mutant the penguin never was a fat mutant deformed person.

    he wore really nice suits a monacle and carried umbreallas thar could mess you up, sure he had a really big nose too but in the comics he was nothing like he was in batman returns by devito he was a criminal mastermind that had a taste for nice suits and umbrelas that could kill you.

  7. 1) IMAX all the way! (I know I’m going to catch a backlash here, but I’ve yet to have a TRULY satisfying movie experience in 3D. The tech is just not quite there).

    2) The Riddler, simply put, is boring. Glad they ditched him. There are WAY too many interesting villians in B’s rouges gallery than him. We need a villian who is more of a physical threat. Ex: Bane? (try and forget, “Batman & Robin”).

    3) Who cares about the title as long as the movie rocks?

  8. Hallelujah, Praise the Stars!! No Riddler!! Cuz the Riddler is IMO, one of the lamest villians in the Batman rogues gallery.

  9. One aspect of Batman that hasn’t been highlighted very much in the movies (all six of em) is Batman as the “World’s Greatest Detective.” I’m kind of bummed because The Riddler would have been the perfect villain to explore this aspect of Batman. I would love to see Nolan go more toward this angle and put Zsasz, Hush or Hugo Strange in the film.

    1. I’m w/you, Tom. The detective angle deserves more exploration. I think Hush would be a fantastic villian, but how do you do that w/o getting deep into the Robin mythology?

  10. I want Deathstroke going at it with Batman mano y mano for Part 3. I’d cast Stephen Lang (Col. Quaritch in Avatar) for Deathstroke.

  11. what about a poll on this guys?

    Q.) who should be the next female lead actress in “the dark knight rises”?

    a). kate beckinsale
    b). naomi watts
    c). aylet zurer
    d). rachael mcadams
    e). rachael weisz

    either these or any more suggestions?

  12. I am waiting for this upcoming sequel like hell, so nice to know that the project is underway and also same cast is being repeated. now the question is of a new villain, but everyone forgets that rachael dawes dies in the second film, any speculation or any new news on casting of a new actress? plzzz update it as soon as possible.

  13. This certainly leaves the door open with such an ambiguous title, and there are still plenty of Batman villains to choose from that Nolan can introduce to the movie audience that they may not be too familiar with.

    I believe that the Spider-man movie is going to feature the Lizard, so I’m hoping we actually don’t see Killer Croc in this film. We still have Catwoman and Penguin unused, but I really hope they use characters that are ‘out there’ like Hush or the Phantasm.

    Actually, the Phantasm would be awesome. A live action version of the animated movie that already seems Nolan-esque. Woulda been nice to have Ledger for it too.

  14. No 3D? Best news I’ve heard yet! Makes me respect Nolan even more than I already did. When u have solid storytelling, an intricate plot and genuine character development, u don’t need gimmicks like 3D. It has its place in some (and its only a select few) movies, but not here.

  15. This is the best Movie News of the day.

    I’m okay with the title.
    No Riddler…? Good.
    No Croc……? Better yet. Eat your crow, Millar. And with table salt.

    Of course, because Nolan is lookng for a “female lead” there’s a lot of speculation that it will be Catwoman or Talia. Some folks even call a dark horse named Harley Quinn, which simply won’t happen.

    I personaly think it’s the Falcone Kids, who under the giuse of Holiday Killer and Hangman, regain to get control of the Gotham mob that the Joker dismantled into his own and/or Harvey Dent put away.

    And Black Mask.

  16. I think I would like to see a movie where fantasy and reality are a bit twisted and blended to have the edge that we’ve come to expect from Nolan.

    I’d love to see them pull off a bad guy duo of Killer Croc and The Penguin as mutant freaks that work together in some kind of side-show and band together with a freaky, yet sexy, catwoman.

    I know it’s completely out of left field but I’d just like Nolan to keep pushing that envelope and not keep giving us the same thing with different villians thrown together.

  17. First off the title kicks all sorts of ass. Two so glad riddler isn’t the villian no doubt as other people have said Nolan would of rocked the shit out of it I just don’t like the riddler character (except in the graphic novel hush). Third and lastly I’m so glad they aren’t filming this in the overrated 3d crap IMO it doesn’t make a movie better just the story,dialogue, and characters do you know the stuff that make movies movies. I wouldn’t mind killer croc but If they do use him I would also like catwoman to be the female frenemy cuz you know Nolan would handle that is she good is she bad dynamic so freakin masterfully.

  18. How about Black Mask and Catwoman (who can be a villain/heroine). I would like something simple like, “The Batman”, as a title – but Dark Knight Rises works too. Probably fits more into Nolan’s Universe.

  19. As long as the villain is as convincing as Heath was as The Joker I am fine with whatever Nolan decides to do. I prefer High Def film making compared to 3D I applaud his decision. 3D is overrated and over done and not worth the extra ticket costs… show me a crystal clear picture with no filmy grain and I am happy.

  20. Im kind of sad about the no riddler, i think nolan would have done wonders with that kind of villian but im also sure that he could make a toaster the villian and it would work beautifully. love the fact that it is not going to be in 3D…this is not the right style of movie for that kind of cinematography…best to be done in IMAX. and finally the title…love it.

  21. I know what you are saying about 3D, but give that comment a rest already. If it is in 3D so what. If it shot in the traditional format, than so what. Stop making news over 3D. It’s a visual style that serves film well in a lot of ways.

  22. I am glad there is no Riddler, I find him the least interesting of the Batman foes. I wasnt even that crazy about the Joker… befroe you start flaming I just mean he was in many other Batman films so the thing I liked the most about Batman Begins was fresh villains. Even though Heath Ledger was phenomenal as Joker, I am still a bigger fan of Batman begins for just the different villain aspect.

    Just hoping for another new villain in this upcoming film that wasnt in previous Barman films.

      1. Do you plan on living in a cave until the movie starts showing? I think that’s the only way you’ll keep from finding out who the villain is.

      2. Hahaha, I agree.

        I’m sure I will bump into the name at some point, but this is really the only film blog site I visit to get my fix.

        Realistically, chances are that TMB will disregard this lil’ message and put the villain name in the title anyhow :p

  23. Interesting title and i would love to see a female villain this time around, like another take on catwoman that will outdo michelle pfeiffer and hally berry

    1. Not too much on making guesses, but I remember a line from TDK where Morgan Freeman shows Christian Bale the new suit.

      Bruce Wayne: How will it hold up against dogs?
      Lucius Fox: We talking Rottweilers or Chihuahuas? Should do fine against cats.

      Is the “Cat” comment a hint or just a funny for fans to catch?

  24. First of all, I’m not really a huge fan of the title. It sounds too much like the last one, I was hoping for something like The Caped Crusader, or something close to that magnitude. As for no Riddler, I’m kind of disappointed, since I really would have loved to see how Nolan would have handled it, but maybe a bright side will be that Nolan will introduce one of the lesser known villains to a film, similar to how he introduced Ra’s Al Ghul and Scarecrow in Batman Begins. My vote goes to either Black Mask or someone like that. And as for no 3D, good for Nolan for telling Warner Bros. to shove it when it came to that, it’s good to see that Nolan is not going to bow to gimmicks.

    1. Batman: Knightfall would have been a better title and Bane as the villain. Other titles: Legend of the Knight, Dark Gotham, Dark Justice.

  25. I’m not in favor of having Catwoman and Killer Croc in this sequel. I’d rather have him face the likes of Ra’s Al Ghul(again), Deadshot, Deathstroke or maybe Hush or Clayface .

  26. Female villain… Thalia Ra’s Al Ghul perhaps, plus Catwoman. I hv this guts feeling that Nolan will add Catwoman into the mix…

  27. The Dark Knight Rises… it sounds ok. Perhaps Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson) is resurrected by bathing in the Lazarus Pit in this sequel after the train explosion at the end of Batman Begins. I’d like to see Deathstroke as the mercenary that Ra’s has hired, and have him go after Bats in this movie.

    1. I don’t think this will be the rout he takes, Nolan does not like the fantasy part of the Batman comics. The Rising past of the title might be talking about Harvey Dent coming back as Two Face.

  28. not sure about your ‘redemption’ idea. sounds to me like he’ll be filling his role as a vigilante and building it as he cleans up the city. so does that earn him redemption? wouldn’t redemption mean he’d be trying to be one of the good guys? i think it actually makes him one more ‘crazy’ the city has to deal with. his role as the dark knight will be increasing, but that makes him even more scary and menacing, to criminals and citizens alike. sounds to me like this will be right after TDK, then?

    1. i think u r right, this is where the movie should be going, the movie said in the last that he is a hero that gotham does`nt need now. may be in this edition gotham needs him and he rises a knight again out of his cape

  29. Can’t express how happy I am with the lack of Riddler. Too much like the Joker and less interesting. Nolan would have rocked the character out, but I’m interested to see his take on a female villian instead. Hopefully he’ll go that route.

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