Tom Hardy Joins Batman 3

Almost everyone who saw Inception this year, said that actor Tom Hardy stole the movie with his great performance and charm on screen. Relatively unkown to the US, you can debate that Inception was his breakthrough performance. Now Hardy will reunite with director Christopher Nolan; he’s been cast in Batman 3.

Deadline reports:

EXCLUSIVE: While Tom Hardy’s plan to play Mad Max in the George Miller-directed Mad Max: Fury Road has hit another delay, the fast-rising Hardy’s in the mix for another big film at Warner Bros. I’m told that Hardy has been set by his Inception director Chris Nolan for a lead role in the next Batman film at Warner Bros. Insiders are keeping the role secret and won’t even say if he’s up for a villain role, but that seems a reasonable assumption.

Everyone was superb in Inception. But Tom Hardy did steal the show. As to what we’ve come to expect from Nolan’s castings, Hardy will now have a role in Batman 3. This is great news. So who will he play? A villain? The Riddler? Debate…

Who do want him to play? You ok with him featured in Batman 3?

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36 thoughts on “Tom Hardy Joins Batman 3

  1. Well Nolan is trying to keep his characters on the dark and realistic path; looking at Hardy shows that he is a very intimidating figure. The Riddler role doesn’t really look suited to him, though I could see him playing a character much like the Black Mask!

    He has shown quite a psychotic side which he performed well in Bronson, he has the right facial structure for the role as Black Mask’s key feature was his face. A character like the crime boss Black Mask would bring in all the elements of Action needed to make the film a hit, while the questions raised by the Riddler will keep the audience gripped with the film — In my eyes, that would be a winning combination!

  2. Hardy was also superb as a tormented Heathcliff in a British T.V adaptation of Wuthering heights. I’ve every confidence he could play any of the above – Riddler! PLEASE.
    We have been raving about this guy for the last couple of years in the U.K. Nolan has obviously picked up on this also.

  3. I think Tom Hardy would best suit a Mr. Freeze. It’d be hard to pull it off in Nolan’s Gotham City, but its still doable. A giant Ice Cannon is a little “out there” but maybe just a scientist specializing in ice, and cold temperatures who uses his knowledge of ice and cold to bring down Batman and Gotham. I just think Freeze has a much more heartfelt back story and a much stronger personality. The Riddler would be my runner up. The quirky-ness of the character would be a feat I’d like to see pulled off but I think Hardy will have to delve into much greater lengths as an actor to pull off a total sociopath, and still have some human moments when the past is brought up. I would much rather see Freeze than anyone else.

  4. Richard Grayson, young lawyer to the crime bosses of Gotham who has a complete turn around when the bosses try to force him to go even further in there defence by killing Commisioner Gordon, when he refuses they murder his parents and he sets out for revenge.

    No costume just him out to kill the villians when he crosses paths with Batman who tries to stop him from going too far. This eventually leads to them becoming allies. Allies not partners or sidekick material. Something with a bit more edge to it rather than the campy duo nonesense.

  5. I’ve said this before either he joined the cast or the rumours came out about kilier croc.

    Tom Hardy will play Killer Croc.

    1. Down in the Bayou!

      Killer Croc in da house……

      So we have a Lizard for Marvel
      and a Crocodile for DC
      year of the reptiles I guess

  6. Ive only had the chance to see him in RocknRolla but heard of his roles in Bronson and Inception were great. He seems like a great actor that has the ability to have a dark edge to him and be able to pull off a odd behavior type.
    Nolan may go for a change of riddler’s character so it doesnt come off as corny or over the top. everyone may ridicule him for it but his films are more than just comic books.

    1. I would suggest giving Bronson a look. It wasnt the most exciting or engaging movie I have ever seen but Hardy was amazing in it.

  7. No one seems to have mentioned him in Bronson. If you haven’t seen it, you must!! That was the movie that made me pay attention to Hardy. I love this dude. He’s fantastic, and I’m not surprised Nolan brought him back for a second round in front of the camera.

  8. This is clearly excellent news. Hardy is a great actor and it seems that is always at the top of the list when Nolan casts, and he is probably as good or better than anyone when it comes to casting. I almost dont care who he plays, it will be good fun no matter what. If I had to say

    1. …if I had to say who he would be playing right now, my guess would be Riddler, but I dont know if he would be too similar to Joker for Nolans liking.

  9. I think he could potentially be a good choice for one of the lesser known rouges such as Hush or Black Mask. Villians like that could really fit the mold of a Nolon-esque Batman film to keep it grounded. Obviously Riddler or Deadshot would be excellent choices as well. Tom Hardy is talented enough to pull off any of those roles. I look forward to seeing how his role plays out.

  10. He seems too intimidating for riddler. I see riddler as someone intelligent but won’t hold much in a fight. JGL did kick some ass in inception but he seems better fit for the role.

    1. Your right with a role like that, People seem to think he’ll be better as Bullock the side-kick, He needs his own individual role where he takes orders from no one!

  11. Good casting Tom hardy is a brilliant actor I also Thought he was amazing in inception superb ;) I reckon he would make a good riddler/villain Anyone see him in the take? Brilliant performance as a baddie.

    Francisco was you in a rush writing this made a lot of mistakes at end of post mate ;)

    1. Hello Dean,

      You are 100% correct about Tom he is an awesome actor and he made the movie Batman so good and successful! I personally haven’t seen him in any other movies, but I am going to look up some information on his other movies to watch them.

      Great comment Dean!

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