Star Wars Headed To Blu-Ray; Will Include Lost Footage

The Force will soon be available in HD. Yup, the Star Wars saga will be released in blu-ray. During Celebration V, creator of all that is Star Wars, George Lucas, announced the big news.

CinemaBlend reports:

At long last, Star Wars is coming to Blu-ray. All of it. All at once. The news was announced by George Lucas at Celebration V today where he promised all six Star Wars movies will show up in one, Blu-ray box set in Fall of 2011.

It’s about time! I’m definitely getting this collection when it’s released ASAP. Hopefully there’s more footage like this one included in the collection. I mean, who doesn’t get pumped by watching Luke put the finishing touches on his green lightsaber?!! I hope Lucas maintains the original state of the Original Trilogy.

I read somewhere online, people discussing how this supposed lost footage from the Original Trilogy (like this scene), isn’t original at all. They talked about how Lucas simply keeps going back and doing new scenes, and making them look old, a la original trilogy. For example, they talked about how Lucas could’ve gotten Mark Hamill on board, and made this scene. They explain how, if you notice, Hamill is simply in darkness, with a hood, and his face is barley seen. You could say, that they could have a point, but in all honesty, if this was true…Who cares?! I don’t. As long as the footage is awesome and adds a little something to the whole Star Wars saga that already exists, it’s fine by me. Again, who cares? Not me.

Do you care? Are you looking forward to this collection? What version of the original trilogy do you want? What do you think about the scene?

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18 thoughts on “Star Wars Headed To Blu-Ray; Will Include Lost Footage

  1. Already own everything on VHS and DVD. Not too enthusiastic about Blu Ray because the original versions won’t be included. I guess the 97 versions will have to do till Lucas decides to invest in a restoration of the original theatrical releases. No amount of youtube quality deleted scenes is going to get me to pony up for the steaming pile of crap that is the 2004 special editions. Not even in 1080p HD It would actually make more sense to delay the release till he can include all versions (ala Blade Runner) that way everybody gets a choice which edition they want to see. I would guess this Saga set that includes all the movies will cost anywhere between $100-300 so why bother? Eventually it will come out again with more stuff. Double and triple dipping on films in a shitty economy is NOT a good thing.

    1. People have to stop blaming people for making expensive things available because of the “shitty economy” if you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it. The economy is nit an excuse for companies still making money.

      And the lotr blu set was $50 so at most I think a full starwars will be about $100 or so. There is no reason to suspect it to be $300

  2. I might be swayed if that lost footage is that of the Luke-Biggs scene on Tatooine. I don’t think it’s “new” footage as some think (that’s not ‘lost’ footage’) or maybe there are some outtakes for a supplemental section or two.

    By the way, I’m not that excited about this news at all. It does depend on what extras there are, but for now, I don’t see this as a “must buy”” at all.okay, “maybe” if it comes in a Death Star case or Jawa sand crawler But other than that, my answer is NO.

    And folks, why are you ticked off that Lucas won’t put the “original” original trilogy on Blu-Ray? I agree with Lucas: it actually is pointless. In addition, since BluRay plays standard DVDs and upgrades in a HD format…what’s the problem?

    1. They each have their value. And I can put up with a few eye rolling subtle changes in canon in order to see a cleaner remastered image with better special effects and sound.

      Its not that big a deal to me if Han shot first or if Anakin gets to be 18year old force ghost. They were improved overall.

      Just sayin.

      1. The only aspect I liked about the special editions were that a few of the special effects problems were fixed, and I did like how he changed Palpatine’s hologram in ESB. However, he created more problems than he fixed. What’s sad is that those were how Lucas truly visioned Star Wars to be like. I guess that should have been taken as a warning to the prequels.

      2. Well, just saying, Rodney…the young Anakin ghost is a freaking bother. Greedo shooting first wasn’t too much a bother, because I think Lucas put it back to Han…I think. Or he had them shoot at the same time.

        But the real annoyance was the CG Jabba. The reason Lucas cut it in the first place was for pace reasons. It might have been fine if the CG Jabba looked like his cameo in Phantom, but it didn’t. That’s why it sticks out more than anything else.

  3. unfortunately, the original editions are not included. Lucas said it would have been too expensive to make the originals suitable for blu-ray. Whatever that means. I think it means in 3 years he will give us what we originally wanted, but there’s money to be made.

    That is an interesting idea, that he just made up that clip recently with Mark Hamil. I tell you what, seeing these clips is just pure gold. There is a few more online with C3p0 and old luke footage on Tatooine that is just so fun to see, they’ve been floating around for a while. I don’t even care if he made the clip recently. I still loved it. Make more I say!

  4. I gotta say I hope he put the original trilogy on as they were theatrically released. Let the extra stuff be just that, extra. As for the scene above, meh. It interesting sure, but it adds nothing of real substance to the story.

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