Cop Out Bluray is Worth Maximum Comedy Mode

I am a big fan of Kevin Smith and while it wasn’t his best film I still got a copy of Cop Out.

And you know what? It wasn’t because of the movie itself, which was alright. But because of Kevin Smith. No, I am not blindly buying anything he makes just because I have an unnatural blind fanboy faith (I do) but because this version has the Maximum Comedy mode!

Check out the trailer for the DVD/Blu release.

When Kevin Smith was doing his promotions for this film, he made it sound like it was going to be the funniest thing on the planet, and when Smith says that I listen.

But when Smith says that, and I see the movie I start to wonder if he is on some bad bud or something. Then I saw the Maximum Comedy mode. He thought this movie was going to be hillarious because he had non stop fun while making this movie.

Seeing the behind the scenes stuff, and hearing Smith himself tell you about what went on while making this is like watching an Evening with Kevin Smith appearance – Cop Out Edition.

This really makes the film more enjoyable and a lot of fun to watch. Its better than the movie itself and redeems my opinion of Kevin Smith as a master storyteller.

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